From skin tags to athlete's foot: 6 uses for tea tree oil

How do you use tea tree oil?

For years, tea tree oil has been hailed as a miracle oil when it comes to improving health.

Most people know that it can be used for cuts, bruises and bumps, but many are unaware that there are plenty of other fabulous uses for the Australian antiseptic.

So just what other purposes does tea tree oil have? Here are just a few things that the oil can be used for. 

Remove skin tags

According to website Skin Tags Gone, tea tree oil can be used as an alternative to getting rid of unsightly skin tags.

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While many people are sceptical of going under the knife to remove tags, others suggest that tea tree oil can do wonders for them.

Simply use a cotton ball to apply some oil to the skin tag. Apply to the skin tag, being sure not to rub too hard. Leave it to dry up then add a band-aid to allow the skin to absorb the oil.

Repeat the process a few times a week and you should find that the skin tag shrinks or falls off with time.

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Give your clothes a fresh boost

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If your usual washing powder or liquid isn’t leaving your clothes smelling or feeling fresh, try using some tea tree oil.

Simply add around three or four drops to your usual washing liquid the next time you put your clothes on for a wash.

The oil will kill germs and nasty smells and keep your washing machine smelling fresh.

Also add a few drops to your shoes if they’re a bit on the nose.

Treat athlete’s foot

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If you’ve ever had athlete’s foot, you’ll know how irritating the skin infection on the foot can be.

Similar to skin tags, applying the oil to the impacted areas can help treat the condition. suggests using five drops almond oil with five drops of tee tree oil.

Rub the oil gently into the area, before covering with a fresh pair of socks. Applying two times a day should clear the area promptly.

Keep surfaces clean

While purchasing multi-purpose sprays and cleaners can be expensive, Website Stay At Home Mum recommends using tea tree oil as a way of cleaning your house and fighting off bacteria and infections.

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To create your own spray, simply mix 10 drops of tea tree oil to 250ml of white vinegar and 250ml of water.

Spray on worktops and around the house to keep everything spick and span

Keep your hair clean and strong

You may have spotted tea tree oil shampoo in the supermarket and there are plenty of benefits of adding the oil to your hair.

Natural Living Ideas suggests that the oil can create thicker hair, which is perfect when your hair starts to lose its volume.

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It can also fight dandruff if added to your regular shampoo and can assist if you’re experiencing a particularly itchy scalp. The oil is also a great natural condition when rubbed into your hair after a shower.

Others swear that it prevents head lice and nits, so keep that tip handy for any grandchildren you have in school.

Fight mould

Mould and dampness can be difficult to get rid of and should always be handled with caution. However, Apartment Therapy recommends using it as a way of fighting mould.

Mix tea tree oil with apple cider vinegar and use as a scrub on tiles and in the bathroom. You may need to do it a few times but it acts as a natural alternative to harmful sprays.

Have you used tea tree oil for any of these tips? How do you use it?