Five phone apps to help save you time

Apps can help you manage your day-to-day life.

In today’s busy world, time is the most valuable resource that no one can afford to lose. Everyone is looking for ways to be more productive and do things in less time. In this digital world, you can save time with the help of various apps. There are a plethora of apps that will help you save time. Whether you want a daily planner or want to automate social media, there is an app for everything.

Take a look at few time-saving apps for your android or iPhone:


Ifttt is one of the best apps for your phone. It that stands for “if this then that”. This app allows you to create different procedures for streamlining your online activities. For instance, you will not have to upload your photos manually to Dropbox. Now, your photos can be uploaded to Dropbox as soon as you have snapped them. In the same way, you can send out New Year tweet when the clock hits midnight. Ifttt is a free app that provides you never-ending time-saving possibilities by linking tasks together and automating procedures, These little applets as ifttt referees to them are a great time saver.

IFTTT App for Android

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IFTTT App for iOS

Postmates (USA)

Another great time-saving app for your Android phone is Postmates. It is a delivery app that will act as your helper on the days when you can’t go to a store. There are a good number of US cities covered and the app has partnered with a wide range of merchants,  food and grocery stores. So you can order a wide range of goods, get a coffee from Starbucks or a pack of Aspirin from Walgreens without leaving your home.

Imagine you are preparing for a party and you missed an essential ingredient. Now what? You probably won’t have time to run to the store to get that ingredient. This is where Postmates comes in handy. They will deliver it to you. Someone from Postmates will pick up from your local store and deliver it to you while you busy yourself with other jobs.  

Unfortunately to date you can only take advantage of Postmate and similar assistant and delivery apps like Favor Delivery if you’re in the USA.

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Postmates App for Android

Postmates App for iOS

Menulog (Australia)

There is plenty of call for an app like Postmates in Australia but unfortunately it doesn’t exist just yet. however until then Australians can still take advantage of food deliveries with one of the dedicated food ordering apps. Menulog is perhaps the most popular. of these and since its merging with EatNow offers great coverage.  The Sydney based company lets you order a delicious meal from the best eateries in your area. It covers the large International franchises like KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonalds as well as national ones like Red Rooster, Oporto and Crust.  Surprisingly it also partners with a large number of local restaurants so you can select your favorite cuisine and enjoy culinary delights direct to your door.

Menulog App for Android

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Menulog  App for iOS


Daily planners and post-it notes are organizational tools that were used previously. In recent times, you can have it all in one intuitive app. Clear is the app that lets you keep a track of your daily tasks. You can create a list of tasks and prioritize any task that you want. The app offers a color coding system that you can use to represent the urgency of the task. This will help you stay focused on your goals. You can even set reminders so that you won’t miss any task. Once you have completed the task, swipe right and move to the next task. So, Clear is a great time-saving app for your Android phone that helps you complete your tasks.

Clear App for Android

Clear App for iOS

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Getting distracted by the web links is very easy. With the help of Pocket (previously known as read it later), you can save it for viewing later. Bookmarking and emailing it to yourself was used by most people in the past. Now, you can send them to pocket view. In this way, you will be able to see all the links in one place. This is a great choice because it doesn’t require an internet connection. The Pocket app downloads the article and video so you can view them later.

Pocket App for Android

Pocket App for iOS

Do you have any favourite apps? 

This story was written by Jeffrey Ulrich, a tech and cool gadgets enthusiast. His expertise in gadgets and future and innovative technology trends led him to move from Germany to China, where in 2004 he established Chinavasion, one of the first Chinese e-commerce shops. He blogs about tech, handy tips, and new gadgets here.