Five camera hacks to make you look like a pro

Do you love taking pictures?

Professional camera equipment is ridiculously expensive but these days, there are so many clever hacks out there to make you look like a pro so save your dollars and try these easy and inexpensive tricks instead. 

1.  Use a sifter for a shadow hack

Sounds weird but it’ll give your photos a real film noir quality! 

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2. Delete tourists from your travel photos

  • set your camera on a tripod
  • take an image every 10 seconds until you have 15 images
  • open all the images in Photoshop by going to File>Scripts>Statistics. Choose “median” and select the pictures you took
  • Photoshop will find what’s different in each of the photos and will delete it. 
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3. Use a plastic bag for a softbox effect

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Tie an every day plastic bag at the top; be sure to leave some air in it. Hold it over your flash to create a softbox effect. 

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4. Make a shaped bokeh to create unusual shapes in your pictures

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What’s a bokeh you ask? It’s basically the way your camera lens renders out-of-focus points of light. 

  • You’ll need dark stock paper, a box cutter or scissors and tape.
  • Trace the size of your lens on the paper and cut out the circle. 
  • In the centre of the circle, cut out a shape (whatever shape you choose will show up in your picture).
  • Create a lens hood and slip it over the top of your lens. 
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5. Use the flashlight on your phone or portable LED bulbs to light up a frame when taking a picture in a dark setting. 

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Will you try these hacks?