Easy way to fix stubborn carpet dents

Got a carpet dent like this? The solution is so cool!

It can be very annoying when the dents in your carpets seem to stay even after vigorous brushing. Carpet dents usually happen when something heavy is left on it for a long time, like a coffee table or even the legs of your couch. And when you decide to suddenly move them, there they appear – ugly patterns and shapes left in the carpet. But fret not, there’s something that can fix the dent and the answer lies in your fridge – ice!

Here’s how you do it:

Take an ice cube and place it over the spot.

Wait until it melts and the dent should be gone.

You can also try “fluffing” the area with a fork or toothbrush to help the fibres to expand if needed.

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Lastly, dry pat with a cloth and your carpet will look so much better.

Put the ice on the carpet like this and leave it.


So easy!

What do you think of this tip? Do you have other tricks to fix a divot in the carpet?