Clever uses for old tennis balls

Did you know there were so many clever uses for old tennis balls?

Do you have tennis balls lying around the house? If you’ve not been playing tennis, they’re most probably just taking up space and collecting dust, but don’t throw them away, that would be a waste of money. Luckily, there are clever ways to use the good old tennis ball. Check these tricks out…

1. Cut an X in the top of each ball and put them on the bottoms of chair legs to cut down on noise and floor scuffs.

2. Donate them to a local nursing home for use on residents’ walkers. They make the walkers easier to push around for people who aren’t strong enough to lift them.

3. Keep certain types of flies away from you when you are outdoors. Just cover a tennis ball in Vaseline and hang it from a tree or bush. This works well in keeping those critters off of you while you enjoy your yard.

4. Use them to remove scuffs on floors. According to Lifehackery, many janitors use this trick by placing a tennis ball on the end of a broom so it’s always handy.

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5. Throw a few tennis balls into the dryer when you are drying comforters, fluffy coats, pillows, or anything else that could use a good fluffing.

6. Hide stuff in them. Make a slit in a tennis ball, then squeeze either side of the slit to open it up. Place money or other objects inside, and release to close the opening.

Have you ever used any of these tricks? Do you have tennis balls at home?