Banish rust rings with these five fantastic hacks

Prevent rust with these simple tricks. Source: Youtube - The Grommet

We’ve all been there – gone to use a spray can or tin, only to find it has left a nasty ring mark on our bench, tiles or cupboard.

Shaving cream, cooking and cleaning products and food cans of all types can often rust, leaving behind rings on the counter, cupboard shelf or bathroom floor. These nasty circles appear easily and are difficult to remove, but proper storage and maintenance can prevent rust build-up. 

From clear nail polish to recycling a stubby holder, save elbow grease and prevent rust rings with these brilliant hacks that are definitely worth a try! 

Clear nail polish

From preventing stocking runs to securing lose thread on buttons, it’s no secret how versatile clear nail polish is. To prevent a rust stain, add a layer or two of nail polish to the bottom of your product, then stand it on its cap to dry. Once the polish has dried entirely, turn the can right side up. The nail polish will protect the bottom of the can and prevent further rust stains spreading to your surface.

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Use a balloon

It might sound strange, but a balloon could fix your rust problems. To avoid rust rings, cut the big end of the balloon and wrap it around the bottom of the product. It’ll fit tightly like a protective cap, preventing rust from getting on the surface.

Stubby holder

Prevent rust rings with an old stubby holder (a.k.a. beer cozy). Slip the product into the old stubby holder and say goodbye to future rust stains. 

Keep dry

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The best way to prevent rust is to avoid water. When your products get wet or are placed in a wet area, they can leave rust rings behind. If you keep your shaving cream on the bathroom basin, consider storing else where when you’re not using it or place a drinks coaster beneath it when placing it on the basin. And remember to wipe it dry before putting it away! 

Regular maintenance 

Regular maintenance is key when it comes to preventing rust. Before storing, always wipe over and scrub off any rust that may have gathered at the bottom of the product as well. 

What do you think? Have you used these tried-and-tested methods before? How do you prevent rust from these everyday household items?