Bad breath begone! Homemade solutions for a fresher mouth

Homemade remedies to fight bad breath
No more bad breath!

Bad breath can really affect your self confidence, and sometimes medical conditions means it’s impossible to avoid. 

But other than the obvious options such as brushing and flossing twice daily, there are some lesser-known ways to prevent or minimise bad breath.

Not only are they effective, but these solutions are also cost-effective and accessible, so if you’ve already tried gum, mints and regular brushing, they’re are worth giving a go.

Eat yoghurt

The good bacteria in yoghurt won’t just mask the smell of bad break like gum or mints will, but it will counteract the bacteria that creates the odour in your mouth. Make sure you opt for plain yoghurt with no added sugar.

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Try a crispy piece of fruit or veg

An apple, a stick of celery, or a carrot can be used to activate your saliva flow and wash out bacteria from your mouth. It also helps stop bad breath in between meals that may be caused from hunger and the build up of acids in your stomach.

Scrape your tongue

A tongue scraper works perfectly to remove any bacteria or plaque from the top of your tongue. There is a specific tool that you can buy to do this, which is available at most chemists, however you can use your toothbrush or even a metal spoon to gently scrape your tongue. Both will do the same job without any extra spending.

Drink more

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A dry mouth will hold on to bacteria and increase your chances of having bad breath. By drinking the recommended amount of water each day, food particles and odour are more likely to be washed away.

Make your own mouthwash

Try mixing together a few ingredients from your cupboard as a DIY way to fight the bad smell.

These might not taste delicious but after a few swills around your mouth they will immediately get rid of the smell and leave your mouth feeling refreshed. Try mixing together 1 cup water, ½ teaspoon baking soda, and ½ teaspoon salt for one option. You can also add a few drops of peppermint oil to some water. Or you can even just swish some green or black tea as they are also proven to block unwanted odour.

Many people also swear by eating parsley to not only cure bad breath but also get rid of body odour. 

What foods give you bad breath?