A no-mess way to separate an egg, and all you need is a water bottle

Separate an egg without the mess. Source: Getty

Hate separating eggs? It’s no secret egg-separating is a messy affair. 

Separating eggs is a common step in a lot of popular recipes, and if you like to make fluffy meringues, creamy custards or airy mousses, learning how to separate the egg yolk from the white (without always having a fancy tool) is pretty important. 

Whether you prefer to use your hands or the egg’s own shell to separate the egg yolk, getting them separated cleanly is a tricky task. But a staple that’s likely already in your pantry can come to the rescue – an empty water bottle! 

How? The water bottle acts like a vacuum, and sucks the egg yolk straight up. For those who don’t enjoy the mess, here’s an easy way to separate an egg. 

Simply crack an egg into a shallow bowl, then hold the top of the water bottle near the egg yolk and squeeze. The suction (of the bottle) will then pick up the yolk, without breaking it.

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To deposit the egg yolk, gently release and the yolk will slide right out – it’s that easy. If you need more than one egg separated, don’t fret! This impressive trick will also work with multiple egg yolks at a time, sucking them up in turn. 

The best part is, you don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty or wasting produce! So, next time you need to seperate an egg, impress your friends with this super-easy egg-separating trick. 

How do you separate eggs? Would you use this egg-separating trick?