7 easy tips to keep your home free from pet odours

Manage pet odours with these tried-and-tested methods. Source: Pexels

Pets are great companions, but let’s be honest – we could do without all the whiff that sometimes comes with them. 

If you have a pet that lives largely indoors, particularly a big pet, having a lingering ‘pet smell’ in your home can be a problem, if not for you, then for people who visit.

From litter boxes to bad doggy breath, the smells can be pretty pungent! But owning an inside-pet doesn’t mean you need to live with their scent, because these little changes can make a big difference.

Keep your house clean

An obvious tip, cleaning your house on a regular basis helps manage pet odours. Vacuuming, dusting, mopping and washing fabrics are a few of the most important chores to keep up frequently. 

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Clean your pet

Keeping your four-legged friend clean will go a long way. Even the little things like nail clipping and tooth brushing can make a big impact. If your pet is difficult to bathe, a grooming service may be the way to go. Or ask family or friends to lend a hand – grandkids often love nothing better than getting soapy with a beloved pet friend.

Maintain accessories 

Your pet’s accessories need maintaining too. Cleaning your pet’s bedding, toys, dishes and cage to prevent unwanted odours can have a surprisingly big impact. 

The litter box

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If you own a cat, then you would know a clean litter box is key. To eliminate odours, ensure that your litter box is large enough and is cleaned at least once a day. If the smell is still bad, try mixing baking soda or bicarb in your cat litter as an added defence against the smell. Lastly, location is very important. Make sure you position the litter box in the most far-removed spot in the house, preferably somewhere that’s well ventilated. 

Air out the house

Nothing beats fresh air. To air out any stale odours, opening windows and doors for at least ten minutes once a week can make a huge difference. 

Deodorise floors

The majority of odours come from the carpet rather than furniture. Simply sprinkle baking soda on your carpet a few hours before vacuuming. Why? This will help absorb any trapped odours. 

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Take care of your furniture

If you can, try not to let your pets on your furniture and if you must, choose your furniture wisely. We would recommend opting for a leather couch over a fabric one as it is a lot more pet-friendly. If your pet has a favourite spot on the couch, add a throw –  they often love snuggling up on their ‘special blanket’. 

How do you deal with pet odours? Or do you think they’re the price worth paying of having a beloved companion?