6 quick and easy ways to cut fruit with less waste

These tricks will make your life easier

As with most things in life, it is easy for us to grow accustomed to certain ways of doing things. However, by limiting ourselves to this, we forget that different tips and tricks are being discovered everyday. Trying these fruit cutting hacks will help you to find new and improved ways to get the most out of your fruit in much less time!


Instead of cutting apples into slices, an easier way to remove the core with more accuracy and cleanliness is to use the rule of three. Cut the apple into a grid that is three by three with the core in the centre. This will easily let the core slip out while giving you the most out of the rest of the apple. You can even try placing a rubber band around the apple to keep the pieces together.


Slice the mango lengthwise and find a glass of any kind with a thin rim. Place the edge of the mango between the skin and the flesh on the rim and push down so it is easily separated. You should end up with a perfectly skinned mango in the glass.

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Cut the pineapple lengthways into quarters and lay each section skin side down with the flesh facing up. Slice the flesh into triangles and use the skin as a natural serving platter for people to tear off their own pieces.


Rather than spending all of your time peeling fruits, try this hack. Cut off the top and bottom of the orange and cut a vertical slice downwards. You should then be able to unravel the orange for it to roll out like a strip of slices.

Cherry tomatoes or grapes

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If you need to slice a bunch of these then doing them individually can be tedious. Instead, try placing them between two plates or flat lids and applying a gentle amount of pressure so they won’t move. Then slice a knife through the centre to get the job done in seconds.

Limes and lemons

These fruits can be difficult when trying to remove all the possible juice, so try this trick to get the most from them. First roll the lime on the counter to activate more juice. Then cut the lime to remove all of the sides and expose the core. Squeeze what you can from the sides before using the core. Twist both ends of the core in opposite directions as if you are wringing out a towel. You will be able to see how much more juice you get from this simple trick.

Do you have any secrets for making cutting food easier? What are they?