6 handy ways to reuse coffee grounds

This is why you shouldn't toss out your coffee grounds. Source: Pexels

Coffee is a morning necessity for many people, but it’s powerful properties mean its good for more than just a caffeine pick-me-up. 

We are usually quick to throw away coffee grounds, they can be recycled into loads of other uses. 

From unclogging a drain to removing hard-to-clean stains and reducing puffy eyes, coffee grounds can provide an inexpensive way to complete a range of household chores. 

Here are six ways to reuse coffee grounds that are definitely worth a try!

Keep unwanted cats away

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To keep away unwanted cats, grab a handful of coffee grounds and spread them throughout the garden. For an extra repellent, mix your grounds with orange peels. 

Boost carrot harvest

Do your carrots need a boost? Simply mix the seeds with the grounds before sowing. Not only will this help the seeds sow easier, the smell of the coffee will also repel maggots and other pests. 

Reduce under-eye puffiness

Cure puffy eyes with used coffee grounds! How? Simply mix up the grounds with a little bit of water to make a paste. Smear it on the affected area and leave for 15 minutes before wiping away. 

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Rinse away product build-up

Do you use a lot of hairspray? To remove excess build up, massage used coffee grounds into your hair before shampooing. Why? The grittiness of the grounds help to remove any left over residue. 

Remove hard-to-clean dirt

Dirt can slowly build up on tiles, and sometimes it’s pretty hard to clean. For a sparkly finish, simply mix your grounds with soapy water and scrub on the surface of the stain. 

Drain cleaner

 To unclog the drain, pour the grounds into the drain, followed by liquid soap and boiling water. If the drain also smells, the added coffee grounds will help remove any unwanted odours. 

Did you know this? Have you used any of these methods before?