10 ways you can use salt around the house

Everybody has salt in their pantry.

For most of us, it’s a staple part of most household cooking.

But have you thought about using your salt for more than just seasoning your food?

It turns out, there’s more uses for salt than just sprinkling on your chips or seasoning your steak.

In fact, you can use it for everything from cleaning to gardening.

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Here are 10 ways you can use salt around the house, that don’t involve in food!


1. Clean your wicker furniture/baskets

If you don’t want your wicker outdoor furniture to go mouldy or yellow in colour, try scrubbing with a mixture of salt and water. The warm salty water will scrub off any tough stains without damaging the wicker. You can also use this trick to clean and freshen up your wicker picnic basket.


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2. Kill weeds on your driveway/paths

Do you have annoying weeds growing in the cracks of your path, patio or driveway? Then sprinkle them with some salt and water. Pull out the unwanted weeds and they shouldn’t grow back.


3. Soothe insect bites and bee stings

Salt is a great natural remedy for soothing insect bites and bee stings. All you have to do is wet the area around the sting or bite within five minutes and cover it with some salt. Try leaving the salt on for half an hour – it should draw out all the venom.

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4. Freshen up your household sponges

If your household sponge looks like it needs a bit of freshening up, try soaking in a mixture of cold water and salt for 10 minutes. Save throwing it out the first time you use, the salty water will help get rid of any built up dirt, stains or germs.


5. Scrub up your cast iron pots and pans

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Just cooked with your cast iron pot or pan? Or is their caked on dirt and debris from the last time you cooked? Then try scrubbing it with salt. Cast iron pots and pans can be a real pain to clean. But, with a little bit of salt, a dry cloth and some elbow grease, you should be able to scrub them clean again.


6. Clean and polish silver, brass and copper

You can make your silver, brass and copper sparkle with salt. Just make up some vinegar and salt into a paste and rub it on the metals with a soft cloth until they shine.


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7. Get the stain from fruit off your hands

Grandkids been raiding the mulberry tree again? Then you’ll know all too well just how filthy their hands can get. Try rubbing some salt on their wet hands and scrub them well under warm water, it should help lift the stains.


8. Soak up any spills

Spilt any liquid around the house? Maybe your glass of wine or your morning coffee? Then grab the salt shaker and sprinkle some salt on the site of the spill. The salt will soak up the liquid and make it easier for you to remove any lingering stains.

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9. Throw some salt in your fireplace

If you own a fireplace and you’re heading to bed, try throwing some salt on the fire. It’ll help the flames go out sooner, lower the amount of soot and make your fireplace easier to clean up.


10. Give artificial flowers a boost

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If you’re artificial flowers are looking a little old, dirty or faded, grab the salt! Put the artificial flowers in a bag, add 1/4 cup of salt and shake it around. Your artificial flowers will look much better, regardless of whether they’re silk or nylon.


Have you tried any of these uses for salt? How do you use salt around the home?

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