10 surprising household uses for salt

The best ways to use the everyday cooking ingredient.

It is hard to find anyone who doesn’t have salt somewhere in their pantry. However, people tend to take advantage of its cooking purposes without realising how many other uses it has around the home. Salt works to stop bacteria from growing by soaking up moisture and creating an inhospitable environment for it. Here are just a few of the easy and affordable ways to use salt around your home.

1) Stop the stink

If your shoes are giving off a terrible stench, try sprinkling salt into the soles then brushing it out in the morning. This will soak up the moisture and remove the smell.

2) Soothe sore throats or mouth ulcers

Add a pinch of salt to some warm water and either gargle for a sore throat or swish around your mouth for ulcers. It will attract fluids and flush away the sick feeling.

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3) Cut through grease

Scrub a greasy dish with a layer of salt before washing it out with detergent and water to quickly cut through any hard to remove grease stains.

4) Keep ants at bay

Sprinkle areas where you are spotting the pests with a line of salt. 

5) Putting out grease fires

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Throwing salt on a grease fire will smother the flames. Never use water as it will only increase the fire.

6) Stop weeds

Place salt in pavement cracks and areas where weeds are growing then sprinkle with water. This mixture will stop the growth of unwanted weeds.

7) Removing yellow sweat stains

Mix together four tablespoons of salt to a 1/4 cup of hot water. Rub onto the stain until it disappears.

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8) Drain cleaner

Create a mixture of salt and hot water to pour down any drains to stop smells and clean out the grease build up.

9) Fix puffy eyes

Soak a wash cloth in water and half a teaspoon of salt then rub gently over eyes to clean. Rinse with warm water after cleaning.

10) Relaxing

Place a handful of salt into a tub of warm water to soak feet or extra salt in a bath for a relaxing and detoxing full body soak.

What are your favourite ways to use salt?