Three uses for coat hangers you’ve never seen before

If you thought coat hangers were just for hanging clothes you would be mistaken. This little article will show you

If you thought coat hangers were just for hanging clothes you would be mistaken. This little article will show you three ways you didn’t know hangers could be used.

Hang bananas

Don’t have a fruit bowl? Or want to keep the bananas separate from other fruit? Simply take your coat hanger, pull it a apart so it stretches and forms a diamond shape. Then twist the hook so it ‘stands up’ and no long falls to either side. Now fold the coat hanger in half and bend the hook backwards. Viola!


Via Venlee lifehack

Properly hang jumpers

Pullover jumpers are great but can take up a lot of space. This tip uses a coat hanger to neatly fold and hang pullovers. Simply fold your jumper in half so it forms an ‘L’ and place the coat hanger diagonally on top so that the hook is over the armpit (see image below). Now fold each side of the jumper over the hanger and its ready to be put in the cupboard!




Via Venlee lifehack

Tie and scarf hanger

Ties and scarves tend to accumulate and end up all over the place, use a coat hanger to have them all neat and tidy. Pull the hanger into an elongated diamond shape and push the length-ways edges together. Next fold the bottom point up to the neck of the hook. And there is your tie hanger, ready to use!


Via Venlee lifehack

Do you have a household item that you can use for almost anything?

  1. I don’t own any wire hangers anymore , the last one I had left I gave to a neighbor to try try to get into his car, he locked his keys inside

  2. Ironically hanging coats is something these things are not good at. My overcoat just bends the wire and falls off. Other sports jackets hang precariously by the points of the hanger. Only good use for these things is holding up sagging exhaust pipes.

  3. The sky is the limit when one has wire coat hangers and a pair of fencing pliers. Hooks. connectors, spreaders etc. B|

    • Can’t remember ever using them for the TV. I didn’t get a TV until after I was married. I did use a coat hanger as a car ariel after one had been snapped off in a car park. Installed a motorised one after that. B|

  4. Only one of these is a use for a coat hanger. The other two are no longer coat hangers – just pieces of wire that used to be.

  5. My husband used all our wire coathangers as welding rods, they are no good for hanging clothes and I wouldn’t hang my bananas up.

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