Thoughts we’ve all had at Aldi

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying shopping at Aldi is an interesting experience. It’s not like any of

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying shopping at Aldi is an interesting experience. It’s not like any of the other supermarkets – it’s smaller, it stocks just one type of any product, and there’s special buys in the middle aisles. Not to mention you need a token or a gold coin to use their trolleys, and they don’t freely give away plastic bags.

Here are some thoughts you might have had at Aldi:

Where is my Aldi keyring? OK a $2 coin will have to do… doh! I don’t have one of those either…

Damn trolleys!

Okay now I need to find an empty box to put things in because I don’t have enough green bags…

Whenever I come here I feel good just buying homebrand stuff. I don’t care for brand names!

Ooh a new type of biscuit!

I wonder if my husband/wife will let me have these…

These aisles are so crowded.

Excuse, yep, I’ll just grab this packet.

Three tins of tuna… Five packs of rice…

I wonder if these face creams work? I’ll just take one to be sure.

1kg of washing powder? I’ll use it!

Oh God, get me away from the special buys.

A sheet set for $15? We really need another.

Ski boots? I think we’re gonna go to the snow soon… in maybe a year. My granddaughter can use them. Yep.

Oh a storage rack for the bathroom, I’m sure we need that.

These boots are so cheap, but should I? I should.

Excuuuuse me, I need to get my size!

Okay on to the frozen food.

Why do they never have the potato bake!

There’s the sauces. I was looking for you.

This fruit doesn’t look so great…. but these veges are so cheap!

Wow meat is so cheap here. We’ll have some friends over this week. Definitely.

Cheese, so much cheese. I want it all.

To the checkout… oh but are those German sweets? I won’t eat them until a special occasion I swear.

Okay to the checkout again.

Why do the checkout guys or girls get to sit down?

15c for a plastic bag? I guess I might grab one.

Hold on! I’m trying to get this all into my bag.

Oh stuff it, I’ll just chuck it all in the trolley and sort it out.

Why do they make it so hard?! This is the hardest part.

Ah, shopping done. I love you Aldi.

Oh wait, now I have to walk my trolley all the way back! Oh Aldi.

What thoughts do you have about shopping at Aldi?