Thoughts we’ve all had at Aldi

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying shopping at Aldi is an interesting experience. It’s not like any of

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying shopping at Aldi is an interesting experience. It’s not like any of the other supermarkets – it’s smaller, it stocks just one type of any product, and there’s special buys in the middle aisles. Not to mention you need a token or a gold coin to use their trolleys, and they don’t freely give away plastic bags.

Here are some thoughts you might have had at Aldi:

Where is my Aldi keyring? OK a $2 coin will have to do… doh! I don’t have one of those either…

Damn trolleys!

Okay now I need to find an empty box to put things in because I don’t have enough green bags…

Whenever I come here I feel good just buying homebrand stuff. I don’t care for brand names!

Ooh a new type of biscuit!

I wonder if my husband/wife will let me have these…

These aisles are so crowded.

Excuse, yep, I’ll just grab this packet.

Three tins of tuna… Five packs of rice…

I wonder if these face creams work? I’ll just take one to be sure.

1kg of washing powder? I’ll use it!

Oh God, get me away from the special buys.

A sheet set for $15? We really need another.

Ski boots? I think we’re gonna go to the snow soon… in maybe a year. My granddaughter can use them. Yep.

Oh a storage rack for the bathroom, I’m sure we need that.

These boots are so cheap, but should I? I should.

Excuuuuse me, I need to get my size!

Okay on to the frozen food.

Why do they never have the potato bake!

There’s the sauces. I was looking for you.

This fruit doesn’t look so great…. but these veges are so cheap!

Wow meat is so cheap here. We’ll have some friends over this week. Definitely.

Cheese, so much cheese. I want it all.

To the checkout… oh but are those German sweets? I won’t eat them until a special occasion I swear.

Okay to the checkout again.

Why do the checkout guys or girls get to sit down?

15c for a plastic bag? I guess I might grab one.

Hold on! I’m trying to get this all into my bag.

Oh stuff it, I’ll just chuck it all in the trolley and sort it out.

Why do they make it so hard?! This is the hardest part.

Ah, shopping done. I love you Aldi.

Oh wait, now I have to walk my trolley all the way back! Oh Aldi.

What thoughts do you have about shopping at Aldi?

  1. Vicky vassllo  

    I love shopping Aldi can do all my shopping and pick up a few Barron’s to boot 🤗🤗

  2. Vicky vassllo  

    I love shopping Aldi can do all my shopping and pick up a few Barron’s to boot 🤗🤗

  3. Deb Ford  

    Would be a lot happier if I didn’t have to queue for so horribly long, turns me off going there at all, but have to go to get milk for work as it is the closest.

  4. Well Aldi have the trolley tokens forsale at the registers for $2.00…Also reuse the plastic bags they are quite strong… We shop there every Saturday morning, Love Aldi..We do all most of our shopping there. The rest we do in Safeways….

    • TerryW  

      The “Woolies” Tokens work on the trollies.

  5. moira  

    Tried Aldi first time this week and it will probably be the last.Reasons, gloomy(I know they are supposedly “green”) Need tokens for trolleys,long walk to carpark and back to retrieve $2 . Surcharge on credit cards, lack of brand choice.Fresh veges no cheaper than market.

    • Jennie Law  

      How Negative You are required to pay for baskets (often by Council ruling) at other supermarkets here in Victoria Don’t be so narrow minded Aldi is a great experience. and I love to go there to simply find what is new

  6. Judith  

    I don’t get the gripe about needing tokens for the trollies. You don’t need to pay $2 for a token, as you can use a coin exactly the same as at most of the Woollies and Coles stores in my area. Don’t know anywhere that doesn’t require you to pay a trolley deposit. By the way, this is often a council requirement as an incentive for people not to leave random trollies cluttering the streets.

    • I refuse to shop at Aldi for several reasons including their unknown brands, but the worst of all is that they don’t bag your groceries and then want a surcharge to pay by Visa or MC and don’t even take my Amex! None of these issues arise at the 3 different Woolworths I regularly shop at which includes Hornsby, Erina and sometimes Eastlakes, further they have free trolleys – no need for any deposit! However, Coles at Asquith & Berowra both require trolley deposits so I avoid them except for a few small items!
      Aldi don’t provide the range nor service I require so I refuse to go to their stores!

  7. I’ve been shopping at Aldi for over a decade and love it. All the stores are the same or a mirror image so you always know where thing are. Their meat is an excellent quality. Toiletries, toothpaste tissues etc on a par with the major stores. Sometimes they run out of things which is annoying so if it’s a newish product I always buy more than one just in case.
    My only and I mean only bugbear is the trolleys. For some reason they decided to increase the depth of them which if you’re not over 5’6″ is a problem, actually it’s a pain!! Woolies and Coles have introduced smaller trolleys so that their customers have a choice and it’s a great idea. I wouldn’t buy any less if Aldi were to do the same it would just make it easier to get the groceries on the checkout belt without having to climb into the trolley to reach all the goods lol!!

    • TerryW  

      The “Woolies” Tokens work on the trollies. And On the Phillip Islan Aldi they have two (2) size trollies. One for “standard size” people and another for the “vertically challenged” group.

  8. My husband and I have been Aldi shoppers for many years. When I first went to Aldi I couldn’t work it out at all, so I blundered around and then fled. Later I went back and calmly wandered through the shop working out how it “worked.”

    After I had actually shopped at Aldi, I soon realised that shopping every week there saved me around $40-50. I always challenge people to do their normal weekly shop at Aldi three times and then go back to Woollies or Coles, IGA or whoever, and do their weekly shop there. I would guarantee that they will always come back to Aldi after that! I do go to the other supermarkets when there is something that Aldi doesn’t have in stock at that time, but I always do my basic weekly shop there.

    Lining up at the checkout is very quick actually, much faster than at W and Coles and definitely faster than doing my own checking out. Be aware that although brand names are not frequent at Aldi, the goods come out of the same factories in many instances and merely bare the Aldi label – so much for brand names which cost so much more! My husband learned this from an Aldi manager who was a regular at the Red Cross where Andrew is a volunteer.

    My daughter and her partner never shop at Aldi (they don’t have the brands I want) but having been with my daughter when she shopped at Woolworths and paid around $200 for groceries that would have cost about $140 at Aldi, I say no more now. Obviously they have plenty of money and don’t need to save!

    • ulrich goersdorf  

      Sorry to say it, but your daughter thinks, she’s upper class. It used to be the same in Germany up until a few years ago. The “rich” didn’t go to Aldi, but now most rich shop there. Just wait & see, when Lidl is coming to Australia. It’s going to get better for the shoppers. Hopefully, they’ll open up in shopping centres with the others or very close by.
      How much has Aldi archived here? No more trolleys everywhere. checking prices a lot easier. No more artificial colouring etc.

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