This story will restore your faith in humanity and warm your heart

It was the simple act of showing gratitude and heartbreak at seeing a young boy doing homework outside a McDonald’s that sparked a global news story.

Joyce Torrefranca, from the Philippines, posted photos of the boy late last month and said she was inspired by his dedication to his school studies despite having no where to go.

After the news saw the story on Facebook, they found the boy – 8-year-old Daniel Cabrera. His mum, a widow, and his sibling work at the McDonald’s, and are all homeless after a fire destroyed their home. His mother Christina earns just $2AUD a day.

As Daniel’s story spread across the web, donations began to pour in for his family.

A local politician, Rep. Samuel Pagdilao, was touched by the story and has given Daniel a scholarship, and his mother has been given grants from sponsors to start her own business, ABS-CBN reported.

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The family have also received donations of money and food from local police and are working with a social worker to find housing.

Joyce, who first shared the photo, said, “I didn’t think that a simple photo can make a huge difference. Thank you guys for sharing the photo. With that, we were able to help Daniel in reaching his dreams. I hope Daniel’s story will continue touching our hearts so that we will always be inspired and motivated in every situation we face in life”.

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