This retirement home for dogs will warm your heart

Do you have and love your dog? Can you imagine what it would be like to watch your well-loved creature get old? For many of us it is the sad downside of falling in love with a pet. You fall in love, enjoy many years of them lighting up your life, and then you have to manage them through a couple of years of arthritis, immobility and angst.In fact there is two prominent reasons many choose not to get another pet later in life: they either fear that the pet will outlive them and not be loved by someone else as much as they love them, or they fear they will have to care for the pet through old age.

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There is a lot of pets that are forced to get old alone it seems, with their owners enjoying the fine and fit times with them, and then looking for the “next one”. But this lady, who has set up a retirement home for dogs will warm your heart today.

The retirement village for older pets is run on donations, and is brought to life by volunteers each day. The video will send shivers down your spine.

Sher Polvinale, the person who set up the village said, “the volunteers start arriving around 11. It was hard for me, at first, to have people coming to help. Now, they’re like family.” Everyone wins when we give back to the world.

Could you imagine helping out in a retirement village like this?  Good idea?