This international legal drama is challenging whether celebrities should receive special treatment

The furore surrounding Johnny Depp’s dogs has escalated to another level. A five day trial has been especially set aside

The furore surrounding Johnny Depp’s dogs has escalated to another level. A five day trial has been especially set aside for his wife, Amber Heard, to defend charges of illegally importing animals into Australia.

Now some people are claiming that the celebrity power couple is receiving special treatment, and should be facing the same penalties anyone else would. Especially as the charges carry a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment and a $102,000 fine.

Facebook user Kerry Mcphee commented, “please don’t think you can bring your animals into our beautiful country without going through quarantine”. Whilst Laura Forde added that celebrities are “not above the law just cause you make movies”.

Indeed, Amber Heard is yet to appear in any of the legal proceedings, saying in a statement “there has been no necessity for me to attend court to date”, however now she is set to come to the country to defend her decision to bring the Yorkshire terriers on their private jet.

“My decision to defend these charges, as will become apparent in the appropriate forum of the court, is not intended to in any way diminish the importance of Australia’s laws. I look forward to attending the hearing of these matters”.

Despite the dogs Pistol and Boo being found on her private jet, Ms Heard has instructed lawyers to enter a ‘not guilty’ plea on her behalf. It’s a move the public are refuting.

“How can she plead not guilty when there are photos of the dogs, they were caught red-handed and there is plenty of evidence,” questioned Facebook user Tiff Riddle. Whilst Greg Lewis added this showed “no respect for the law”.

Lawyers representing the couple have indicated that Johnny Depp himself might appear during the case, but that he did not “wish his presence to be disruptive”. Gold Coast magistrate Joan White added this would be “a bit of an understatement”.

The trial date has been earmarked for February next year, although an extra magistrate may need to specially travel from Brisbane to assist with this caseload.

What do you think? Are the charges facing Johnny Depp and Amber Heard overblown? Or should celebrities be treated just like any other visitor to Australia?


  1. I think she needs to realise that she is indeed not above our law and appears to be making a mockery of it. She would have been made aware of the quarantine laws before she bought them in and stop treating us like backwater hicks. This could have been fixed up at the time if it weren’t for her attitude and Barnaby Joyce and his attitude. Obey the laws of the land you are visiting, simple

  2. Doesn’t matter who they are should respect Australian laws. Should realise they are not above the law

  3. I don’t have a lot to say on the subject because I believe that anyone who can TOTALLY disregard our LAWS has not right to special treatment and I don’t care who the hell they are. Do the crime and do the time, because let’s face it a $100,000 fine would be absolutely a joke for any celebrity who believes they are above the law.

  4. They should be treated like any other people, as for the not guilty plea the dogs were here without the proper paperwork how can she be not guilty?

    • Pleading “Not guilty” is not a denial of the infringement occurring but a denial of guilty intent.

  5. They should not receive special treatment, but I also think this matter should be put to rest now.

    • I think everyone should wait until the case is heard instead of jumping the gun , I get sick of the media making things look worse than they really are .

  6. they should be treated like anyone else who comes into Country. Rules are made to protect our animals so why on Earth does she think she is above our Laws

  7. It doesn’t matter who breaks our laws they should face whatever penalty is appropriate. The law is the law. If it was the other way around with Aus celebrities taking animals into the US there would be no two ways about it they will have broken the sacrosanct US laws and would be penalised accordingly. However, much of this has been blown out of all proportion just because of the celebrities involved. Get over it, get on with the court proceedings, cop whatever fines etc. are applied and drop the bloody thing. It’s getting annoying.

    • Just ordinary passengers like us get the third degree entering usa! AND customs officers wear guns!

    • She knew what she was doing. E en forged a document. Give her the full treatment. From NZ

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