This genius accommodation is especially designed for single over-60s

Older Australians sometimes struggle to find accommodation that is affordable and social too. Now a Queensland man has come up

Older Australians sometimes struggle to find accommodation that is affordable and social too. Now a Queensland man has come up with a sustainable farm consisting of single cabins, designed especially for over-60s.

The farm includes six cabins each with their own lounge room, bedroom and en suite bathroom. Other facilities are shared, including an open-air kitchen and herb garden.

“For single retired Queenslanders, (this farm) gives them the opportunity to get out of their little one-bedder, living alone, and joining a little community”, said its creator Brendan Foley.

Mr Foley says the farm, located in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, will mean residents can contribute to its sustainability and success. The farm will also have a social dimension.

“(Residents) can come and go as they like. It’s not an intimate relationship but it’s certainly a friendly relationship”, said Mr Foley. “There’s no way in the world just one person could (make the farm) self-sustainable”.

“Six is about the right number (of tenants) and there are about six jobs that need to be carried out on a daily basis”, explained Mr Foley. “I’m aiming to be completely self-sustaining, with spatchcock and guinea fowl as the main source of meat.”

“Each (tenant) gets a chore, whether it’s looking after the fruit and veggies, or (being a) handyman, or doing some fishing for us, or (care-taking) the smaller animals for eggs or eating”, he said.

Groups such as the National Seniors Australia have welcomed this idea, saying it provides a novel alternative to the accommodation challenges facing some over-60s.

Would you live in a shared, sustainable farm like this one? Or would you still prefer your own private space?



  1. Sorry, change of subject here but just went shopping and cant believe meat prices!!! Whats going on? 🙁

    • Found WW and Coles meat within 1 cent of each other. Collusion? You’re right. It is extraordinary how far and how fast the prices increased. By the time you pay to buy it and refrigerate it and cook it and wash up after it – Pub Dining is looking very reasonable.

    • Meat is extremely expensive. However, only being two of us, we do ok. Vegetarianism is good for those it suits, not for everyone though Susan, and not always ‘healthy’ for everyone.

  2. Gail  

    I don’t know really I do like my own company but one day I may need something different and this could be a great idea.

  3. I like the idea, as long as there is flexibility with the jobs, it would be unpleasant to get stuck always doing a task you don’t particularly enjoy as much as you would a different task

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