This fascinating idea takes ‘green burials’ to a whole new level

Do you like to recycle? Are you a composter? In other words, are you someone who cares about the earth?

Do you like to recycle? Are you a composter? In other words, are you someone who cares about the earth? If so, then you might be excited to know about this ‘death suit’ that cleanses your body of environmental toxins and helps you “return to the earth” sooner rather than later.

Yes, it’s macabre, but you’ve told us before that you’d prefer to be wrapped in a sheet and stuck in the ground rather than interred in an expensive box.

So here’s it is, the most bizarre thing we’ve heard all day: introducing the Infinity Burial Suit, which has been dubbed the “Mushroom Death Suit”.

Created by an artist and earth-lover, the shroud is embedded with mushroom spores, which speed up decomposition, while also neutralising the many toxins that we humans carry around.

As Jae Rhim Lee explains in her TED Talk, humans are home to a vast array of man-made chemicals including BPA and other industrial toxins, plus naturally occurring toxins such as mercury from our fillings. Her research led her to specific types of edible mushrooms that are able to purify these chemicals before they leach into the soil.

When a body is dressed in the suit, the ‘army’ of mushrooms grow from within; the patterns on the suit are designed to mimic the natural branching structure of a mature mushroom growth.

“I realise that this is not the kind of relationship we usually want to have with our food; we want to eat, not be eaten,” says Lee, before explaining the energy costs and toxic load of cremations and traditional burials.  She says the suits go a step beyond the trend of “green funeral” by dealing with the chemicals that exist in our bodies.

The suits will be available from April, But Lee has already recruited one person to ‘demonstrate’ the suit – a 63-year-old man who is suffering from a terminal disease called Primary Progressive Aphasia, reports the Daily Mail.

What do you think of this idea? Do you want a ‘green’ burial? Would you go this far?

NOTE: We acknowledge that this is a morbid topic for a Friday afternoon but strive to bring you a wide and varied mix of content!

  1. Chris Keenahan  

    I think it’s a great idea.

  2. That is bizarre, a cardboard box is suitable, but really the mushroom suit is a bit too far.

  3. Not morbid – we all die eventually. Fungi are great decomposers.

    • Thanks Robert, a lot of people aren’t comfortable with death, so we always handle this topic with care!

  4. My husband has decided to donate his body to the body farm for science, he does not want a funeral and since it is his decision, I will follow his instructions to the letter. That makes him happy. My daughter has done the same.

  5. I’m not being buried or cremated. I’ve donated my body to the local university cadaver lab. (When I’ve finished using it of course!)

    • Shanti  

      I’d leave my body to science too, but they’d reject it!

    • My friend’s brother wanted the cardboard box coffin, cost more than a wooden one ! Ridiculous really. Hopefully as they become more popular the price will come down or else get someone to save their furniture box for you

  6. No money making schemes for me, have me cremated with no barbaric gut wrenching ceremony, take my ashes home, have family around for some stiff drinks and a tiny rose petal on the water ceremony and feed them some nice foods. End of. I’ve appreciated the love that has been given to me and want to go with no fuss and upsets.

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