This could change how you wear bras forever

Bras – you love to hate them, but most of us have to wear them every day for the majority of the day. The feeling of sweet relief we have when we take them off is second to none, but what if I told you that there was an alternative that existed that would leave bra troubles behind? Introducing the Bionic Bra.

It sounds a bit scary but the Bionic Bra is an incredible Australian invention that could fix fitting problems – an estimated 80 per cent of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. This intelligent bra is the brainchild of Breast Research Australia director Julie Steele, who came up with the idea over 15 years ago. She wanted a bra that could cut down on the pain and discomfort caused from wearing an unsupportive bra, such as nerve damage in the shoulders, neck and back pain and numbness in the fingers.


The Bionic Bra works by uses soft, intelligent fabric to send a signal to the bra’s fibres. It then adjusts to fit the woman and cup the breasts perfectly, no matter the position she is in. So if you were wearing a Bionic Bra while you were on the couch, it would adjust to relax around your breasts, and if you went for a run it would detect that and adjust to support – so it essentially means you could throw out all of your bras.

According to Julie, “Although we have made substantial progress, we still have a way to go before the Bionic Bra can be taken from the bench top to the washing machine”.

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It is fair to say that this is the future of bra design and that it probably won’t be long before we progress to this much more modern way of supporting our breasts.


So tell us today, would you wear the Bionic Bra? How would it change your life? Tell us below!