This clever trick stops bananas over ripening

Bananas have a tendency to ripen way too fast and if you have too many this can be a problem.

Bananas have a tendency to ripen way too fast and if you have too many this can be a problem. To avoid throwing out over ripe bananas and slow down their ripening, simply wrap glad wrap around the stem of the fruit.

This handy little trick works on a whole bunch or just a single banana. Alternatively there is the age old classic of putting bananas in the fridge. Simply by keeping them cold the fruit can last up to two weeks.

Have you got any other nifty ways of preserving fruit?

  1. Frank  

    we just had a confusion over which end is the stem – I presumed the long handle – my partner said ‘that’s why they put red wax on some (organic?) bananas – except I think that’s usually the short end.

    I know an Indian colleague laughed at me when he saw me peel a banana from the long handle end – he said every Indian knows – as monkeys do – you just squeeze the short end and peel from there – using the long end as a handle to hold it

    so there’s confusion – but I’m assuming by ‘stem’ you mean the long end.

  2. Neither of these actually work. My bananas in the fridge actually ripened quicker than those left on the cupboard.

  3. Marlina  

    Why bother buying them if you’re just going to let them rot?

    If needs be, & you KNOW you’re definitely going to use them, just buy 1 or 2, not a whole bunch!

  4. why do they rot so fast these days ?? is it the gassing /chemicals they use to grow them why are they so marked /damaged when placed out for sale

    • Susan Bell  

      They are marked as a normal process of ripening. They can be black on the outside and still edible on the inside. I prefer lady fingers to the common Cavendish long bananas. They do not rot any quicker now a days than they used to, they are picked green and colour up over the time it takes to get them to your greengrocer. If you buy from a supermarket you have no idea how old they are or if they have had a long spell in cool sheds.

  5. ex Kiwi  

    Keep the bananas joined together and wrap the long stem end in for foil, they last for days

  6. Drena Strange  

    Many years ago I bought a CWA book in Winton Qld called Hints for Hopeless Housewives and Useful Mutton Recipes. The title was the reason I bought it BUT in this wondrous little tome was a hint for slowing the ripening of bananas! Trim a little from the stem end and wrap each banana in foil. They must be completely covered. Keep in the fridge. They will keep for at least 2 weeks. Sometime the skin will darken but the flesh remains firm. It really works I still do this.

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