This ad is offending the younger generations... we think it's hilarious

Legions of politically correct Aussies have given chicken and turkey company Steggles a serve after they posted an ad on social media they deemed to be sexist.

When we saw the ad, however, we thought, “Hm, that sounds about right!”

On the one hand, it’s good to know that so many women out there don’t want to wait on their husbands and, instead, expect them to muck in and help.

But… has society moved on that fast? And can we not have a little giggle about stereotypes, just occasionally?

Here’s the ad that caused such great offence:

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And here’s a sample of the criticism it received:

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The chook company has removed the ad but its legacy lives on thanks to social media. The company has yet to respond to the controversy, according to B&T Magazine.

Tell us what you think of the ad – offensive of funny? Share your thought below.