This 94-year-old woman has a simple message for the world

Shirley Batchelder is still an incredibly active 94-year-old who wears flowers in her hair and helps the “old folks” at her retirement village keep their brains active.

She says she’s had a fantastic life – married to a handsome curly-haired man for 57 years, she’s known love and adventure for almost a century.

But there was one thing Shirley still wanted to achieve. A message she wanted to share with the world.

So she phoned up a commercial TV network in Nashville where she lives and asked to buy a five second ad slot so she could share her message.

Thankfully, the person at the end of the phone couldn’t bear the thought of taking Shirley’s money and offered to interview her instead, giving her plenty of time to say the three words she felt the world needed to hear.

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So what was the message Shirley wanted to share? It’s simple really:

“Love one another.”

Meet Shirley here and help us share her beautiful message.

What do you think of Shirley’s message to the world? What would you say if you had five seconds of airtime?