This 80-year-old retired nurse has a stern warning for health authorities

Joan Fox spent 60 years nursing thousands of needy patients, and now she’s got one clear message for health authorities… “Focus

Joan Fox spent 60 years nursing thousands of needy patients, and now she’s got one clear message for health authorities…

“Focus on the people – less on the paperwork”, the 80-year-old told medical staff. As local media reported, “the one truth (Joan) would like to share is compassion”.

Astonishingly, Joan only retired before her 79th birthday last year! She first became a nurse in the 1950s, caring for countless sick and injured people throughout Queensland.

When she wasn’t on the job, Joan juggled family duties and raised six children. Her son John says his mother hated cooking and cleaning, but excelled “at saving lives”.

“She worked loads of night shifts and most of the time she only got two or three hours of sleep before starting work”, John explained.

“It was especially hard during the school holidays when all of us kids were at home trying to be quiet”, he added.

John believes that future doctors and nurses could learn a lot from his mother’s example. “To her, it was more than just a job”, he said.

“She’d go to work, took care of us kids, and then still found time to care for ill people outside hours”. It’s this type of dedication and care which can sometimes be missing from hospitals today.

The public has responded warmly to Joan’s story. As one person commented online, “what a beautiful lady! I hope you are letting everyone give you lots of care and attention now – you deserve it!”

Do you think modern-day health authorities could learn from Joan’s example? Do you think the “heart” is missing from healthcare today? Is there enough focus on people – the actual patients?

What an outstanding Nurse and a lovely tribute to Joan Fox. She is truly a dedicated Nurse….can you imagine working as…

Posted by Marie McAneney – Ultimately You on Thursday, February 25, 2016

  1. Yes too much paperwork. Also too much money spent on so called administrators and not enough on doctors and nurses. Bring back Matrons in hospitals as well.

    • Nurse of the 60's  

      Totally agree, not sure about the Matrons though hehe.

  2. Nurse of the 60's  

    I Totally agree with ‘Sister’ Joan Fox, I am a Nurse aged 70 this year, still working., will retire fully this year. I despair sometimes at the path Nursing seems to be going. More ‘paper work’ or more computer time and less ‘Patient time”. These tasks are not Nursing duties, sure we have to do reports and document treatments however gathering History’s could be done by Clerical people as it was done in the past. It seems more and more ‘Policies and Procedures’ are decided by Lawyers and Nurse Managers Who have never been on the floor. These often don’t work for the real world or real Patients and Nurse. Not only paper work has jammed up Real Nursing, but Nurses seem to be reluctant to touch Patients these days, always wearing the Blue Barrier, (Gloves). Real Nurses need to use Touch to make observations as well as comfort patients , Skin to skin. The Rubber or latex touch is not the same. My Mantra More about Patient and Less about Paper work and Bureaucratic nonsense.

  3. [email protected]  

    What a wonderful lady having spent over the last year 2015/2016 in hospital the nurses know more than the doctors by far . Very rare to find a caring Dr in a hospital , oh the nurses fantastic gems 99% of them . Congratulations to this lady

  4. Sandy Williams  

    Be kind to nurses and just remember they get to choose the size of the catheter and syringe. They have the ability to make your life he’ll if you abuse them.

    • If you have a “real” nurse they would not even contemplate doing this. Most people when they are ill, are scared and behave differently to what they would normally.. Nurses should take this into consideration. I was a registered nurse for over 30 years before illness stopped me from working. I followed this rule ,and taught all nurses working for me to follow the same.

  5. Nancy Brenton  

    I had to have three short stays in Public hospitals las year because there was a huge gap to pay if I used my Medical fund. I found the Public System (other than the wait) to be very caring and attentive – this was a big hospital in Sydney. A few years ago used private hospital and the only good thing was the food. No supervision when showering after having been in bed couple days – left and didn’t return for 1/2 hour. Dr. promised pain relief by little pump – you can’t overdose – which never was fitted and pain relief very, very slow in coming and I’ve got a high tolerance level to pain and not a demanding person – probably should have been. They say the squeaky wheel gets the attention.

  6. Lynne Murphy  

    I’m a nurse 67 years old, still working. Not sure I have the dedication to work til 79. Modern administration and university trained “graduates” test ones spirit.

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