Things I want my granddaughter to know

They say grandchildren are one of the greatest gifts in life, and that makes your granddaughter something special.

The advice a grandparent gives to their granddaughter can be a gift that lasts a lifetime; a gift that your granddaughter might one day be giving to her own granddaughters.

As grandparents sometimes we need to be there as a shoulder to cry on or stand tall and strong, like a tree full of the fruits of wisdom for our granddaughters.

Whether it’s telling your granddaughter she can’t change the man she’s with or letting her know that no parent is perfect when she’s having trouble adapting to life as a mother herself, there’s plenty you can teach your granddaughter.

In today’s world of the internet and life coaches your granddaughter could get advice from anywhere, but wouldn’t you want her to say she learnt from the best?

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I’ve been reading some great advice passed from some of the world’s most high-profile grandparents to their granddaughters.

Maybe some of what they say might resonate with you to share with your granddaughter (or if you’re super lucky and have more than one, your granddaughters).

If she wins the United States presidential election in November, Hillary Clinton will be America’s first female president.

When she became a first-time grandma in 2014, Clinton had some pearls of wisdom to pass onto granddaughter, Charlotte.

At a women’s conference in Miami, the presidential candidate was asked what advice she’d give to Charlotte.

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She offered three simple pieces of advice.

“One is to do the very best you can at everything you do … but learn from your mistakes and your failures,” she said.

“Second, be kind. Try to find a time for kindness every single day”

Clinton’s third piece of advice was the strongest.

“Find something you are passionate about, that you love to do. And again, pursue it,” she said.

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We all encourage our children, and their children, to be the best they can be.

We tell them to pursue their dreams, live the life they want to live, that they reap what they sow.

Think back to some of the things your grandmother taught you.

How did they help you?

What do you wish she taught you?

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One of the biggest lessons my grandmother taught me was that everything in life happens for a reason, even if we don’t know yet.

She also taught me that there’s not much some sunshine and a good book can’t fix.

Struggling to think of something you can teach your granddaughter?

Take a leaf out of Virginia Ironside’s book.

In a column in The Telegraph, the journalist and author shared her pearls of wisdom she’d share with her granddaughter.

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From “always smile and say thank you to waiters and people in shops” to “the days of being defined by a partner are over”,  Virginia’s advice is sure to resonate with most of us.

What about her pearls of wisdom on men?

  1. Don’t look on men as the enemy
  2.  Never think you can change a man
  3. The days of being defined by a partner are over.

The best lesson you can teach your granddaughter…

Be charitable to old people of your grandparents’ generation.

Even if she remembers just one of the things you teach her, then you you’ve made an impact on your granddaughter’s life.

What wisdom would you pass on to your granddaughter? Would your comments be different with your grandson?