These organic burial pods bring new life to deceased bodies

If you don’t like the idea of a traditional funeral, these organic burial pods might be something to consider. The

If you don’t like the idea of a traditional funeral, these organic burial pods might be something to consider. The Capsula Mundi project might one day result in an entire memorial park of trees, thanks to our lost loved ones.

This Italian concept involves placing the deceased body into a foetal position, in a moving tribute marking the passage from life into death.

Each burial pod is fully biodegradable, and planted along with seeds and healthy soil. “Imagine, you could become a tree”, a feature video from Capsula Mundi says.

For people who prefer the idea of cremation, Capsula Mundi will also offer “The Bios Urn”. This is a small biodegradable container which stores your ashes below the Earth, mixed with soil and seeds.

“An embedded seed takes nourishment from the ashes, as it grows into a tree”, explains Capsula Mondi’s video. “Soon instead of gravesits, we’ll be visiting this (memorial garden)”.

Capsula Mundi is still working with Italian lawmakers to permit burial pods, as it’s not currently legal to dispose of bodies in this way.

However, many Starts At Sixty readers have previously said that traditional funerals are too expensive, time-consuming and over the top for them.

“A wonderful idea”, one Starts At Sixty reader previously wrote. “I won’t need an expensive coffin to take me on my journey to the afterlife”.

Would you be comfortable if your remains were turned into a tree? Does a traditional funeral appeal to you? Or are funerals too expensive in Australia?


Grow Trees, Not GravesOrganic Burial Pods Will Turn Loved Ones Into Trees.

Posted by David Wolfe on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

  1. Y es I think that would be a great idea, as more people are born, in to this already crowded World and then past away. It would be Eco friendly and provide more forests for wild life to live in . …Great. now ,,,the paper work,, to do this is ,,,,where!!!

  2. What a wonderfull idea indeed a funeral is to expensive,and this we we create more recreation parks
    And can hug a tree makes you feel good

  3. Faye. C. O,Toole  

    How much would this cost and also is it available now in Australia ?

  4. Trish  

    Wonderful idea. Is this available in Australia?

    • Marlee  

      They would need to talk to the Health Department in Australia as I think the prerequisite for burial is six feet.

  5. Barbara Giannagostino  

    Too Too sensible

  6. I intend being cremated first then being sent up in a skyrocket. Grandkids will really enjoy seeing nanny going off with a bang

  7. Jean Antill  

    I like the idea of my ashes being placed to grow a tree. Lovely idea. Not sure of the pods. The only reason they may not allow it as caskets and funerals is a great means of revenue raising for the funeral directors etc. No burial for me. Ashes to ashes and into the earth or sea I go.

  8. Paul  

    If this idea really works I think it’s a great way to go to secure oxygen for the future

  9. Pauline De'Ath  

    Want a cardboard coffin and a tree planted on top. This is the way nature intended.

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