These funky houses are a renovator’s dream! Which would you live in?

If you are looking to retire a little differently, this may be some inspiration for you. There seems to be

If you are looking to retire a little differently, this may be some inspiration for you.

There seems to be a big trend of renovating and living in houses or apartments that were once something else entirely. Places like old schools, factory’s and renovated firehouses, at first seemed unusual, but now people are converting shipping containers, old buses and even trains into homes.

Mary and Gerhard Ringel found a beautiful little house in Santa Cruz, which they fell in love with. Upon inspection of it, Gerhard told Mary that it was in actual fact old trams (or street cars as they call them in America), joined together!

They renovated them into a home and how live there happily, “we were blow away by it. First we thought we would never live in a house like this, no way. This is crazy you know, but it’s fun” she said.

With the rise in price of houses it is no surprise that people are deciding to renovate these old buses and houses into homes, with the average cost of a shipping container home in Australia around $30,000.

Would you live in one of these?

Take a look inside their home and at some other container and tram homes in Australia:

Shipping container home in Dunedin, NZ:

This shipping container house was built in Dunedin, New Zealand.The family requested a small house was built on top of…

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Gorgeous home from an old Melbourne Tram:

Oh tram house, you are rather lovely in the late arvo sunlight #tramhome #melbournetrams #tram609 #tram #chewton

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Home making. Or tram making? #tramhome #tram609 #melbournetrams #maude #schnoodle

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  1. The stair would worry me as I age, I might be fine now but I don’t know if I could manage them in the future, but if they were flat on the ground..yes

  2. 8 feet just isn’t wide enough for me I’m afraid. They do look nice though

  3. Not a chance as a personal choice, however beggars are not choosers and if I was ever in need of inexpensive housing I’m humble enough to accept whatever is available.

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