The worst things about pets

We all love our pets but there is no doubt at times they can be annoying, expensive or just plain messy. Here are some of the most common complaints…


1. Fleas

Itching, scratching? Then you may have fleas on your pet or in your home. Parasite control is essential with pets. Without adequate protection you are likely to find yourself being bitten and fleas taking over your home, not to mention compromising your pet’s health and well-being. To totally eradicate your flea population, it is vital to treat your home as well as your pet. Ask your vet about latest flea medications.


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2. Hair

Pets shed hair. Those who shed less, need to be clipped every couple of months. So you either have a hair-free home with expensive canine grooming sessions (more than you spend on your own hair!) or you put up with hair around your home, on your clothes, in your car and so on. Unwanted pet hair is rated as one of the most annoying aspects of pet ownership. Personally, I consider pet hair as part of my style!


3. Over-activity

Some dogs never stop. This can be difficult for couch-potato owners to cope with. Other annoying activities include jumping up, licking and destructive behaviours like digging and chewing. A few cats can tend to be over-excited at times too but generally they will calm down with a few play sessions each day. Choose your pet carefully and be honest about your activity levels. Dogs need to be exercised, both physically and mentally. If you exhaust your pet’s body and mind, then they are more likely to settle down beside you for a cuddle.

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4. Costs

Pets can be expensive. Not only does buying your rare pedigree breed eat into your savings, so too do on-going expenses such as vet bills, holiday care, food and parasite protection. And most pets appreciate a new toy or two throughout the year. The good news is that most owners are willing to spend on their pets and will often sacrifice their own needs and desires to look after their furry family members.


5. Vet care

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Veterinary care can be expensive but having a sick pet can also be an emotionally harrowing experience. Pet insurance can help you budget for veterinary expenses but best be sure, prior to acquiring a pet, that you have the necessary finances.


6. Holidays – what holidays?!

It’s hard enough in our society to take your pets anywhere, with so many rules and regulations. Taking them with you on holiday can feel like an impossible venture. Some pet owners simply never go away! Not only does it cost a lot to put your pet into care but you still worry about them when you are away. Owners who spend a lot of time in their pet’s company may miss their pet when they travel. Separation anxiety is not just experienced by our pets. Owners may have it too!


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7. The mess

It can be impossible to be house-proud when you have a pet. The hair, the ripped up cushions, the emptied garbage bin, the toys all over the floor! Then there are the house training ‘accidents’! Living with a pet can resemble life with a toddler. Worse at times! But at least your pet may be having fun!


8. Noise

Pets can be noisy. Dogs especially can be very difficult to live with, or next to, when they constantly bark. Owners need to find out why their dog barks and address the cause, if they wish a quieter life.

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9. Caring for all pets

When you love your pet so much, it can be upsetting to learn that other people don’t care as much as you. Knowing that pets relinquished to shelters, lost and never reclaimed at pounds or abused within their own homes can be distressing. It is up to caring pet owners to offer their time or donations to help look after less fortunate animals.


10. Reaching the end

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Most pets have a fairly short life span. Twelve to 15 years gives you many quality experiences to bond over, meaning that the loss of your pet can result in intense grief. You are sad because you have said goodbye to someone you love. You cared and that has to be a good thing.


What annoys you most about owning a pet? Or is your pet perfect? Tell us below!