The very saucy behaviour that's distracting drivers

What are the drivers around you up to while they're waiting in traffic?

We’re all aware that distracted drivers are a menace on our roads, and the cause of too many accidents, from fender-benders to serious collisions, and even fatalities. 

But while we’re made well aware of the dangers posed by texting or talking on our mobile phones whilst behind the wheel, it turns out those in the cars around us are finding alternative and rather … interesting ways to get distracted while driving. 

The Safe Driving Report from comparison site asked 1800 Australian drivers what their riskiest habits were, and found that an alarming 70 per cent of motorists were regularly becoming distracted behind the wheel. 

And according to police, the distractions aren’t all innocent. 

Along with the usual suspects of texting, making phone calls, and eating, several drivers have been caught watching porn as they cruise the roads, and according to the survey, 14 per cent of women admitted to applying makeup whilst driving. 

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Is it just us, or is it difficult enough to apply makeup in your non-moving bathroom at home, let alone while trying to operate a vehicle and – hopefully – not kill anyone in the process?

It wasn’t just women engaging in dangerous vanity habits in their cars though, with several men admitting to shaving behind the wheel. We’re not even sure how that’s possible without coming out looking like you came out worse-off after a fight with a cat.

Insurance expert at, Bessie Hassan told News Corp that distraction was the leading cause of accidents. 

“It’s very concerning that some drivers are prioritising risky and distracting activities such as mobile phone usage or fixing their appearance over their safety behind the wheel”, she said.

“It’s important for drivers to be aware that their comprehensive car insurance policy may not provide cover for an accident caused by illegal activities like texting behind the wheel.”

Do you ever get distracted when you’re driving?