The trick to getting red sauce stains off plastic containers

Even this will be clean with this little trick.

How many times have you opened your dishwasher to find all of your dishes sparkling and clean, except for the plastic container you put the leftover spaghetti sauce or curry in after dinner the other night, which still has the same ring of greasy red / orange oil that it had when you put it in there? 

Or you’ve scrubbed and scrubbed at a container in boiling hot, soapy water in the sink but that ring just refuses to budge?

If there was a competition for the substance with the world’s strongest staying power, red and orange sauce residue on plastic containers would probably be right up there. 

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If the dishwashing detergents and tablets that claim to cut through grease, along with very hot water and some serious elbow grease can’t get it off, then what can?

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Thankfully, there is a way – and it’s really, really simple. 

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It turns out all you need is a magic eraser sponge!

Yep, even greasy, oily, red pasta sauce on plastic rings are no match for these little miracle pieces of melamine foam. 

Simply give your plastics a whirl around with one of these, and they’ll be like new!

Do you have any other little cleaning tricks you swear by?