The top 30 uses for magic product WD-40!

WD-40 has been around for years and most households have a can or two lying around. We know it’s an amazing lubricant but did you know of all its unexpected and awesome uses? We have scoured through the enormous list to bring you 30 of the best you can do with this wonder product!

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  1. Remove crayons from the wall when your grandchildren scribble on them
  2. Clean off chewing gum
  3. Remove adhesive price tags
  4. Clean tiles
  5. Prevent flower pots from sticking together
  6. Waterproof your shoes
  7. Keep your lawn mower grass free
  8. Remove ring from your finger
  9. Lubricate vinyl records to avoid skipping
  10. Get moisture out of your watch
  11. Get hair dye out of towels
  12. Loosens nuts, bolts and screws easily
  13. Lubricates sliding doors
  14. Remove grease from oven and stove top
  15. Protects silver from tarnishing
  16. Keep bathroom mirror from fogging
  17. Polish soles and heels of non-plastic shoes
  18. Clean your toilet
  19. Extend the life of your shower head
  20. Clean clogged spray paint nozzle
  21. Keep maggots and flies out of bins
  22. Polish wood furniture
  23. Get permanent marker off anything
  24. Untangle necklaces
  25. Remove oil and tar from hands
  26. Prevents rust
  27. Softens leather
  28. Stop squeaks on car doors
  29. Remove lipstick from fabric
  30. Lubricate shovel to make digging easier


What’s your favourite use for WD-40? Tell us below!