The things we did for our kids… Are they grateful like this Mummy’s boy?

Leonardo DiCaprio brought a tear to every mother’s eye on Saturday night in his speech at the BAFTAs, paying a

Leonardo DiCaprio brought a tear to every mother’s eye on Saturday night in his speech at the BAFTAs, paying a tribute to how hard his mother worked during his childhood to make him who he is today.

But how many of us have children who recognise the sacrifices we made throughout their childhood?

At the end of his thank-you speech Leo melted hearts when he said: “I want to thank one more person. I didn’t grow up in a life of privilege.”

“I grew up in a tough neighbourhood in east Los Angeles and this woman drove me three hours every day to a different school to make sure I had a different opportunity.”

Many mothers and fathers make huge sacrifices for their children, whether it’s on the work front with elements of their careers, or more personal things like choosing where you live, having time for personal space, having enough money, and even happiness.

While many children are thankful for the sacrifices their parents made while they were growing up, unfortunately not all show their gratitude.

Often, it’s not until children grow up and have kids of their own that they understand just how hard their parents worked for them.

While most of us are happy to make these sacrifices and would do anything to give our children a happy and full life, there are many parents who are left wondering, “what will it take to get a simple ‘thank you’?”.

Do your children understand the sacrifices you made for them? Do you feel like your children appreciate everything you have done for them?

  1. How lovely that he should acknowledge his mum. At the moment both of our children appreciate the sacrifices we made to give them a good education. Who knows what the future holds?

  2. My children understand and have thanked us for sacrifices made and how hard it was with one wage and three children to raise. We did the best we could and my youngest daughter said to me a couple of weeks ago ” we didn’t have luxuries mum but there was plenty of food and we know that you and dad loved us”. She is 40 and it is nice to know that your kids understand how tough it was.I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  3. Title “mummys boy” i find offending & condescending.He’s a descent person for acknowledging the fact that his mother drove him many miles.etc..too many sons these days don’t give a hoot about what their mothers have sacrificed for their happiness and well being…good on him!

    • Noelene O’Donnell Im hearing that a lot lately too, from a certain generation in regards to the male species, that show affection towards their mothers…it concerns, me as a counsellor.

    • Concerns me too, a man shows love, respect and thanks to his mother how does that equate to being a mummy’s boy?

    • No wonder theres so many problems out there with daughter in laws in relation to mother in laws.

    • Debbie Bingham  

      As I see it, (and in my experience) a boy who loves and appreciates his Mum, grows into a man who loves and appreciates his wife…and still loves his Mum! Right Jessica Bingham? : ) X

  4. Come on now. Mummy’s boy!!!! Just because he showed some respect, love and gratitude to his Mother. So disrespectful.

  5. Ridiculous title for a man who has done nothing more than thank his mother! A bit below you SAS

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