Battling the symptoms of menopause

Our experiences going through menopause provide for plenty of discussion, mostly about the frustrations. But today, I have to tell you a positive story we heard and want to share. When Janine began battling with the symptoms of menopause, she went on a crusade to find something that wasn’t medication, but could help her cope with some of the difficult symptoms.

First came the hot flushes. “I was hot, I was cold, and then I had the chills. My temperature changed more frequently than the TV ad breaks came on”.

Then came the mood swings. “I would crack and out came an explosion of anger, then I would cry for no apparent reason”.

Then came the changes to the body. “I began to struggle with feeling normal while my body went through the changes that menopause brings. I found myself needing to go to the toilet every 20 minutes – two minutes later I would laugh and before you knew it, I needed to go to the toilet again! My erratic temperatures made me wary that I was sweating a lot more than I ever had, and I was always conscious that my body was probably giving off odours I couldn’t control”.

But the worst part for Janine and the thing she wanted to prevent the most, were the changes happening to her “V zone”. For all of those who’ve suffered badly at the hands of menopause, you’ll know the feeling of dry, itchy discomfort.

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“I began to feel as if I wasn’t able to fresh anymore – I was uncomfortable, my V zone was dry and irritable”.

“I didn’t want to go out as much because there were too many things to worry about – where was the nearest loo? How long could I stay “fresh” for? Will the irritation be too much?” Janine said that she started to lose her confidence and happiness, something that even surprised herself. “I couldn’t believe that something so personal and private could affect me quite this much. Most of my friends were younger than me and I didn’t want to bring it up over our weekly coffee chat, so I went straight to the person that knew my health best – my doctor”.

The doctor suggested to Janine that she should try hormone supplements to attempt to balance her hormones, but Janine wasn’t one to voluntarily take medication, so she chose not to go down that path.

Janine battled through the first few months like this but she was still determined to find something that could restore her confidence in her body. And thanks to a friend, she did!

“One of my friends, Claire, had just crossed the line and was following me on my menopause journey when she discovered a product that changed her entire menopause experience”.

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“She described it as a gentle, light feminine hygiene wash and, in just a week of using it, she had felt a huge change in her body and her confidence”.

And for Janine it changed everything. “After only one month of using it, I feel comfortable enough to share my story, because if something so small can change the way you feel about yourself, it is definitely worth trying”.

“This moisturising wash called Verona was perfect for me. It helped me to feel fresh even though I was fighting against incontinence and hot flushes. The irritation also has begun to ease and I have that extra confidence back in my body again”.

Verona Hydrating is enriched with lotus flower that offers unique benefits perfect for women experiencing changes in their body due to menopause. It is soothing and it helps to regenerate and heal. Verona also contains Lactic Acid that helps to rebalance the pH levels of the vaginal area, something that if left untreated can result in more serious problems.


This article is sponsored by Verona to bring greater discussion about the use of feminine hygiene washes, a topic that is often undiscovered by those struggling with menopausal symptoms.