He doesn't know any better: Why science says you shouldn't nag your husband

Do you find that your husband has a selective (terrible) memory? Does he regularly forget what you’ve asked him to do, or forgets important dates like your anniversary and birthday but remembers to grab a beer from the fridge? This new study will likely answer a lot of your arguments and frustrating conversations you’ve had with your partner, especially as you’ve gotten older.

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A study conducted by JAMA Neurology has found that men have poorer memories than women. The differences become more evident over age 60. So, maybe his forgetfulness is justified? He seriously had no idea it was your anniversary – but how?

The cognitive functioning of 1,246 men and women aged 30 to 95 was studied over an eight-year period. It found that both memory and brain volume decrease in both sexes with age. In fact, the hippocampal volume of your brain, which forms and stores memory, lessens gradually until age 60 but then much more quickly beyond that age! So ladies, take comfort in knowing that your husband is not the only male who forgets. It just so happens men have an excuse for their forgetfulness. Unfortunately though, his memory will not be improving any time soon!

The study also investigated the gene, APOE ε4, found in approximately 40 per cent of late-onset Alzheimer’s sufferers, and how that affects memory and cognitive function. The study demonstrated that the gene is not associated with worse memory performance.

it is not yet understood what causes the gender differences in volume and memory ability.


Do you find your partner very forgetful? Has your partner’s memory gotten worse with age? Share with us below.