The simple trick to removing hard water stains

Your basin will have never been so clean.

Hard water stains are an annoying fact of life that come with the convenience of indoor plumbing. 

Hard water stains occur when your water contains large amounts of minerals, such as limestone, calcium, and magnesium. As water moves through soil and rock these minerals dissolve in it and are carried along, eventually ending up in your water supply.

While most things get washed away with the water, some of these tiny particles are insoluble, and end up building up on surfaces such as toilets, showers, basins, and even the dishwasher. 

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Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of these unsightly buildups, and this simple method requires just a few ingredients and some elbow grease. 

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Give it a go and you’ll find your kitchen and bathroom sparkling like new, and pretty soon everyone will want to know what your secret is!

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In a small bowl, mix together one cup of epsom salts, half a cup of baking soda, and a quarter cup of dishwashing liquid. 

Use the scrub on a sponge and scrub it into the affected areas, and the stains will be gone in seconds. Wipe clean with a soft cloth for a like-new shine. 

Do you have any other handy cleaning tricks?