The simple, genius paper towel trick that will save you money and time!

We know: using paper towel isn’t rocket science. In fact, it just seems so straight forward you may be wondering

We know: using paper towel isn’t rocket science. In fact, it just seems so straight forward you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. In fact, there could be a high possibility that many of us have been using paper towel incorrectly for years!

Australians use 4.5 million tonnes of paper every year, which can wreak havoc on the environment, and our wallets.

There is, however, a simple way to use fewer paper towels. According to the below Tedx Talk from Joe Smith. there’s a trick that ensures you only need one paper towel per mess.

The “shake” recommends flicking away the loose water on your hands (twelve times!) before you touch the paper. But the “fold” is the crucial part…

Simply take one square of paper towel and fold in half. This creates space between two layers for “interstitial suspension” to occur i.e. the droplets of moisture can cling to the towel as well as each other in-between the fold, basically increasing the amount the paper can actually hold.

So next time you’re washing your hands or cleaning up a spill, use just one square and fold it in half to maximise the absorption!

If you need a demonstration, take a look at this video!

  1. What happened to a mop to clean up spills??? I use a dish cloth on the benches and sink or table, anywhere else a towel or a mop…..

  2. It doesn’t hurt to highlight how much we take something for granted and that we can be less wasteful. There are also other less wasteful alternatives. Those people that have green waste collection, tissue and paper towel can be disposed of with it.

  3. In Toilets at Shopping Centres You DO NOT get Paper Towels Anymore . You Dry Your Hands via an Electric Dryer . I Do Not ! I Skake my Hands and then Dry them on my Pants as I go out . I try not to Touch anything in the Restroom after Washing my Hands except the Door(s) with my Little Crooked Finger to Open it . Too many People DO NOT WASH THEIR HANDS after going to Toilet , Yuck ! Pigs are Cleaner than them ! As for using Toilet Paper ! lol . Two Sheets Innitially and then the next Two Sheets Folded again to use once more and then fold into Quarter to Use again , then Discard . Haha , Your Bum Hole Ain’t That Big . ( It is the Head that is the Biggest ) . Depends on the Size of Your Rear End and the Condition it is in on how much Toilet Paper You use ,lolol to Clean It ,(Rear End) lolol . Everything Costs Money ! Same of/as Water . Water is Taken for Granted in Most Households in Australia where it is Supplied by Water Corporations . Still , There Is NO NEED TO WASTE WATER ! People turn Taps on FULL BORE and waste so much water just to wash hands . Water that you DO NOT even use or can use because it flows away. Same when People Shower ! A MINUTE bit of Water is plentiful . Think of Your Wallet when You use Water at Home and DON’T WASTE SOMEBODY’S WATER EITHER IF YOU DO GET IT FOR FREE !

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