The perfume trick that will save you money and make you smell beautiful

It’s one of the things women do every day, but could we have been doing it incorrectly? When you go

It’s one of the things women do every day, but could we have been doing it incorrectly?

When you go to apply your perfume, do you rub your wrists together to disperse the perfume?

Well, it turns out this is ruining the scent. It actually breaks up the perfume and makes the scent fade more quickly.

Instead, just apply the scent on both pulse points on your wrist and don’t rub! You can also add a dab of petroleum jelly wherever you’re putting the perfume, and this will extend its life.

Tell us, did this help you?

  1. Lord I am not so lady like. I give my whole body a good spray. lol

    • My daughter sprays her clothes after she is dressed. She always smells lovely. I am afraid to do it because I keep thinking it will mark my clothes.

    • Debbie Bryant. Hello Debbie, I haven’t had that problem and have put it on every fabric over the years. The alcohol in it evaporates fast, but leave the perfume.

    • I agree. Have always sprayed my clothes. Jyst one quick spray is enough. No wastage. The scent remains all day as your clothes don’t sweat and you don’t wash it off. Even after washing the outfit is I often find that a light smell remains and it makes the wardrobe smell lovely.

    • Jill Edmonds  

      What if you want to change perfumes and you are wearing the same clothes?
      Nope – would never spray perfume on my clothes!

  2. Nothing new there. I have an edge as my step daughter was the manager of a research lab in the perfume/cosmetics industry about 20 years ago and she talked about all of the tricks to do with essences and flavours. B|

    • Jill Newby As the article said “just apply the scent on both pulse points on your wrist and don’t rub! You can also add a dab of petroleum jelly wherever you’re putting the perfume.” The other thing to remember is “less is more”. ‘)

    • Bruce Mahony cheers Bruce .. I totally get the less is more .
      And don’t buy cheap rubbish .

  3. I have bottles of unopened perfume which makes me sad,as I started developing headaches from them,even though I had used them forever. I was taught to dab on wrist pulses and behind ears and move my wrists around to disperse it.

    • Same here … instant headache. I can only wear one expensive perfume now which gives me no reaction.

    • Try to spray some down on your legs, below the knee. It helps. It is down there, and not up there!!

    • Catharine I love Vanderbilt perfume but I can only wear it a short time then wash it off. So I have the bottle here beside my computer. I put a little on a cotton ball then I can throw the cotton ball out when it gets too much for me. I do love it – but it doesn’t love me.

    • Put in on my wrists but never ever rub together,but never heard of petroleum jelly will try…

    • Every so often,I can’t resist walking through Meyers perfume area,and having a whiff of the latest samples,and I’m not out of there before the head shrieks at me. Strangely I can use the essential oils,especially lavender, and it doesn’t go to the head,but of course the fragrance doesn’t last.

    • Leone I tried to wash some perfume off that a friend dabbed on me in the hopes it would be ok,and do you know that smell lingered for two whole days,so I don’t know what they use in it these days. I never had that trouble when I was younger.

    • Catharine Keevill You can use pure essential oils because they don’t contain the toxins that perfumes do. I think people might be appalled f they knew what the perfume is really made from. Essential oils are extracted from herbs and flowers with no additives and are very safe for most people. I respond very badly to perfumes, but I work with essential oils every day with no ill effects.

    • Lovely to know that Carmel. I have a wonderful feeling after an aromatherapy massage,which uses all essential oils. It really lifts my spirits.

  4. Put it on pulse points and between breasts. Spray (a little) on hair. No rubbing as it bruises the perfume. Good perfume will last for hours. Others should be able to smell it, discreetly. If you can smell it you have too much on. (From about 10 mins. after applying).

  5. Perfume: Why O why do people marinate in it? The faintest whiff of a nice perfume is pleasing. “Poison” on the other hand is just a stink no matter how lightly you put it on.

    • I agree. When you always wear a lot of perfume you are not aware of how strong it is, but it is often offensive to other people, or might even make them ill. But a tiny amount can be lovely. You won’t really be aware of it but others will.

  6. I stopped using perfume years ago when I discovered how many people are allergic to it or who simply find the smell offensive and/or intrusive.

    • Thank you Aileen. I hope I’m sitting next to you in the theatre instead of some stinking overblown perfume that gives me a headache and makes me sneeze.

    • Sadly, I can no longer patronise theatres. Can’t hear the dialogue or the music properly any more.

  7. Betty Hutchinson  

    Thanks for the tip knew about it but is nice to have it confirmed, although didn’t know about Miss Petroleum Jelly 🤔😳

  8. facebook_elda.quinton  

    An older woman gave me a tip many years ago………..spray it on your hair.

  9. I like really strong perfumes, but many people don’t. My daughter told me to spray it just above me. This allows the perfume to be distributed over my upper body and not be overpowering.

    • Lorraine Walker  

      I used to do that too …until a work colleague humiliated me for doing that way 😏 one squirt and I found it just subtlety sprayed my hair and clothes.

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