The new website where you can name and shame bad drivers

If you’re a driver, you’ll know just how bad other drivers can be on a day-to-day basis. It’s rare that you’ll have a perfect driving experience, as there’s always someone who got their licence from a cereal box.

But now, instead of screaming or internalising your anger at bad drivers, you can go online and name and shame them.

A new website intended to promote road safety awareness,, has filled with motorists with poor driving skills, caught on dashboard cameras and mobile phones.

Users can even publish the vehicle type and number plate of drivers responsible for dangerous manoeuvres, allowing users to catalogue dangerous drivers by make, model or registration.

Nadav Golombick, a moderator for the Australian section of the multi-national site, says the videos could make drivers more conscious of their actions.

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“Uploading videos could start make other drivers aware they are being watched and will make them more careful,” he says.

“All most drivers want is to get to where they are going safely. Driving on the road should not be more stressful than it has to be. And careful and law abiding drivers means less injuries on the roads”.

If you’ve seen something unlawful or dangerous, you can submit stories, pictures and videos into dozens of categories including reckless driving, road rage, crashes, near-misses and more.


Editor’s note: There is a risk that people who use this site could be liable for defamation. Starts at 60 takes no responsibility for those who wish to use the Roadshamer website, and suggests they proceed with caution.


Tell us, would you name and shame someone for their driving skills or lack there of? Does this site promote road safety?