The Monkees' smash hit from 1967

It sounds like a Beatles song with its jangly guitar, chords and vocal harmonies, but it’s not!

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The Monkees originally formed for an American hit television series however soon the actor-musicians became a real American pop/rock band in Los Angeles in 1966. This was their first release and it was a hit, sitting at number one on the Billboard 100 in 1967.

The plot of the song involves a man who phone calls his wife/girlfriend, requesting that she “take the last train to Clarkesville” so that they might have one last night together before he has to leave for his deployment.

This song is sure to get you moving around! Do you remember singing along?

Listen below to Last Train to Clarksville by The Monkees:

Were you a fan of The Monkees? If so, was this one of your favourites?