The moment this mother hears her son’s heart beating again is full of joy… and pain

This young mum’s story is almost too much to bear. In 2013, Heather Clark left her seven-month-old with a babysitter

This young mum’s story is almost too much to bear. In 2013, Heather Clark left her seven-month-old with a babysitter she thought she could trust, then went out for the night. The boyfriend of her babysitter then allegedly abused baby Lukas and he died later from his injuries.

Somehow, in the midst of the most devastating moment of her life, Heather found the strength to commit her son’s vital organs for donation. Her ‘miracle baby’ saved three lives.

Both Heather and one of the recipients of Lukas’ organs had the desire to find each other and amazingly, despite anonymity laws, they connected through social media and were able to meet at last.

Little Jordan was born with a congenital heart disease and has spent much of her four years of life in hospital. Her mother told the media she couldn’t conceive Heather’s incredible gift.

“It’s hard to believe she would be so selfless to think of another family when she is going through that much grief.”

The moment that Heather met Jordan and then had the opportunity to hear her son’s heart beating in her chest will give you shivers. What a wonderful way to honour her lost son.

“He was just so outgoing, he was just a little ham,” said Heather. “If there was a camera in front of him he was either smiling or sticking his tongue out.”

“I couldn’t save my own son, why wouldn’t I save some else’s?

The Australian federal government has today committed to improving rates of organ donation in Australia, the ABC reports. One of the strategies will be an online consent form that allows people to nominate themselves as donors.

Would you want your organs donated? Have you been in a situation where the question of organ donation has been involved? Share your thoughts and experiences.

  1. A very strong woman with the intelligence to know she was able to help others in her worst hour.

  2. this reminds me of the story of 2 ladies brought before King Solomon …they both claimed a child as theirs ..Solomon said the only way to solve this is to cut the child in half….he already knew the real mother would say no …let the other woman have it….a mothers love transcends everything …this beautiful young mum knew that …

  3. Mike here-a lot of people say “oh nobody would wnt my old eyes because I wear glasses” etc. Bu if person who only sees big black spots was given the opportunity to see with eyes that only needed glasses. I have had surgery to replace my aortic valve but the rest of my heart is better than someone who has chronic heart fatigue or an enlarged heart & it’s there for the taking when I no longer need it. Get on the register, make sure your family know your desires. Tell them if there are any dissenters you will haunt them for the rest of their days

  4. I am an organ donor as my family if I can help somebody else with just the slightest thing then I’ll feel that I have done something for humanity

  5. Someone’s family made the huge decision to donate their loved one’s organs, and my daughter had ten years of extra life from the donated liver. Organ donors are the bravest people…I salute them.

  6. Apparently Australians have a low rate of organ donation. I am a blood donor and my family know that I would like to donate organs.

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