The memories of the naughty things your kids and grandkids did

So many of us here have beautiful memories of the little people in our families that have now grown up to become big people and this video sure got me thinking today about how funny yet mortifying it can be when children set about doing something without understanding properly the impacts.  So today, after you watch this very funny video, I really want to hear the stories of the most adorably naughty things your kids did at this age, when they were little innocent and naive.

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My mother in law tells a hysterical story of the naughtiest thing my now husband did when he was just five.  They had a “poo” brown Ford Cortina back in the seventies they all remember fondly.  But it was the day my husband, then a five year old boy decided he was going to try out the skills he had learned watching the TV show “Chips” that everyone talks of, not the car itself.  My husband wanted to try his skills at unlocking the car like a burglar that he had seen on TV, using a coat-hanger to slip the lock, not through the window seal but through the key mechanism on the door.

Not satisfied when it didn’t work on the drivers side door, and he couldn’t get the wire out, he proceeded to the passenger side door to try his hand there, with another piece of wire.  When his mum, who can now laugh at the memories, went to pick her daughter from school, the car had been fully disabled, with wire hanging out of each lock, both of which had been completely broken for future use.  Just a five year old with a great idea, who wanted to be like the TV told him he could.

So, when I saw this video today, I couldn’t resist starting a conversation about the naughtiest things your kids did, and the fondest memories you have of the time.  Entertain us with your stories.