The magic doona trick: Is this the fastest way to put a cover on?

If you have wondered how to speed up the process of getting your doona cover on easily this trick could

If you have wondered how to speed up the process of getting your doona cover on easily this trick could be exactly what you are looking for. By rolling up the doona and inverting it the doona can be rolled back out with the doona on the inside of the cover. It can then be spread out over the bed and you can get back to the more important things in life.

Watch this video for a demo!

Do you have any other tips for time saving household tips?

  1. I’m not sure how this would work on a large bed with bed ends.

  2. He actually makes hard work out of it. My daughter showed me how she does it by turning the doona cover inside out (done by pulling it off the doona for washing) lays the doona on the bed , puts her hands inside of cover and grabs bottom of doona, then turns cover right side out over doona.

    • I was taught by my Czech mother-in-law 50 years ago to lay the cover flat on the bed, take one corner of the duvet and push it inside and into the top corner of the duvet cover, then do the same with the other top corner. Hold both corners (and the duvet inner) firmly and shake to bring the cover down over the rest of the duvet. All done, single-handed, in well under a minute.

    • Vicky Aldridge That’s how I do it.. takes little effort too.. the video method has too may steps!

    • Vicky Aldridge Yeap it’s how I do it and this guy in the video has to many steps for sure.

    • Vicky Aldridge thats how I have always done it but it is really hard work for a lil ol me…I will try the idea just above yours as sounds easier

    • Robyn rylands  

      That’s how I do mine Linda and I’ve got a king Doona.

    • Quick and easy. Especially if you turn cover inside out before putting in the wash (usually comes off that way anyway) and hang it on the line that way.

  3. I just lay the cover iside out on top of the doona. Put arms in the cover opening, work hands up to other end, grab the two corners, cover and doona together. Pull back towards you, turning the cover in the right way with doona. Still holding corners, shake cover down over doona. Clip it up with buttons or press studs and Bob’s your uncle.

  4. Agree Linda, l do it the way U do, much easier! Was shown when working in a Nursing home!

  5. Who wants to go to that much trouble..turn the cover inside out hold the top two corners and then shake

  6. Another household tip (males only): if your house does not back onto a lane, sell out and find one. Now when the partner invites you to participate in one of these domestic share fests, head down the lane to the nearby pub that should also have been on your house hunting shortlist. In your absence, she will have invented a single handed solution that you can then post on this site.

  7. Even better is the Swedsh style of dooa cover where there are small gaps at the top of the doona cover so that the corners of the doon being covered can be grabbed and held while the cover in being shaken out/doona lining is being shaken into position…

  8. Well, I must be some kind of wonder woman. I just replaced a king sized doona cover the conventional way in 3 seconds longer than the video. 10 seconds if you include putting the pillows on the bed.

  9. Would have been easier if he’s moved the bed away from the wall. Made hard work of that, really. Easier ways already noted.

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