The innocent AAMI ad that had people complaining in droves… so they changed it

AAMI is known for its humorous TV ads but are they really more annoying than funny? A lot of people

AAMI is known for its humorous TV ads but are they really more annoying than funny? A lot of people would say yes.

If you aren’t aware, there’s been an ad doing the rounds that is upsetting TV viewers, but not because it’s offensive in the traditional sense – it’s offensive to the ears.

The insurance company has been forced to replace the ad after the feedback was so strongly against it.

What was so bad about it, you ask? A little girl playing a recorder, a globally hated musical instrument. She is sitting there playing out of key as her parents tend to their broken down car.

“A sincere ‘Thanks’ to everyone who took the time to let us know what you thought about our latest ad (even those Tweets suggesting our ad team be retrenched ‪#‎Gulp‬)”, AAMI wrote on Facebook.

“We’ve listened to your feedback, so, rather than insisting you wait for what’s coming up we thought you’d like to know we’re airing this slightly different version from today. Apologies for all the battered eardrums and howling dogs out there! ‪#‎PracticeMakesPerfect‬‪#‎BringingTheRecorderBack‬ ‪#‎Sorry‬ ‪#‎PleaseDontFireUs‬

The responses came in thick and fast with many asking the insurer to bring back the famous Balinese lovers Rhonda and Ketut.

Some were saddened that AAMI had bowed to pressure on the high-pitched squealing of the recorder – “You all need to GET A LIFE! Don’t you have anything else to sook about? I loved the original ad, it made me laugh.”

While others were thankful: “Thank Christ. That noise was dreadful and also upset my dog. Shame on you AAMI for letting it even air, but I guess you will now be remembered”.

A major consensus was that people were complaining about nothing, but we’ll let you be the judge. What do you think?

Original ad:

New ad:

    • Heather  

      Couldn’t agree more, maybe go and do some volunteer work to actually help people.

  1. Greg Barlow  

    I feel deeply sad for these people that they have nothing else in their lives but to sit in front of a TV set waiting for something to come up that they can whinge and whine about. How really sad.

  2. Shirley Ploeg  

    I guess you have to have had children yes I did have a laugh because its a typical child when they get bored waiting. You do have to laugh. Very catchy.

  3. Well we are discussing the ad aren’t we I thought it was pretty bad just shows what kids are like these days and parents to ok I know it’s only an Ad but using a kid as a brat was a bad choice Anyway I am entitled to my opinion

    • Jacqui  

      Agree with another commenter. It just shows a bratty child and the parents having to apologe to the child for the breakddown. Its not funny but annoying. Liked the Rhonda and Katut better.

  4. Karin  

    Yes bring back Rhonda and Katut……we did not like the recorder either …sorry !😬

  5. Wayne Watkins  

    It is a dreadful ad , but it does get people talking and that is what advertising is all about . But how a well dressed AAMI woman is going to fix a car in the middle of nowhere is a mystery

  6. Vicki  

    Can’t think why an ad had to be so annoying in the first place. The child using the recorder to make a horrendous noise. Really? You think that would presuppose I would like it enough to enquirer about insurance? I just turned the sound off and waited for the ad to finish.

    Ketut ads were much more effective and fun.

  7. Len Robinson  

    I found nothing aggravating in the ad except for the high pitched flute sound. Hey, this ad is real life and realistic. As for the young AAMI woman coming along in the other vehicle, maybe she was coming to pick them up and taking them to a nice motel. No indicators to say she was coming to repair the broken down vehicle.

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