The incident that made me realise people have no manners today!

When my husband and I went to see Carol last weekend, we were expecting a romantic date night. Instead, I

When my husband and I went to see Carol last weekend, we were expecting a romantic date night. Instead, I was shocked by the rudeness of our fellow theatre-goers!

Kevin* made an effort to book our movie tickets in advance, even phoning the local theatre to pay ahead. We were mindful that Sunday was Valentine’s Day, and that movies would be a popular choice.

So we arrived at the theatre with 45 minutes to spare, and collected our tickets from the prepaid box office. We also got a small box of popcorn to share, and joined the queue.

Although there weren’t any formal queues marked out, at least thirty other people were already lining up outside Cinema 2 in an orderly fashion.

Even more considerately, this group of thirty had queued up closest to the wall, allowing other theatre-goers to move about.

I thought to myself, “Isn’t this nice?” Even in the absence of the normal ropes and barriers, people had managed to show politeness and patience. Or so I thought!

Kevin and I had been waiting in line for half an hour, when we noticed two or three people saddle up to the front of the queue.

They obviously weren’t properly in line, instead they just hung about the front as though that was their rightful place. After a few more minutes, another few people joined them.

Before I knew it, there were at least 12 people bunched around the top of our line, as though they had been waiting there all along! They actually formed a second queue, right alongside ours!

I wasn’t the only theatre-goer who noticed this rudeness. “The queue is actually here, folks”, one man said. “We’ve all been waiting near this wall for about half an hour”.

The newcomers just stared blankly at him, and even turned their backs, pretending not to hear. In a move very unlike myself, I piped up too! I was mad, and not having any of this business!

“If you wanted a better seat, you should have arrived earlier”, I scolded them. “Nobody likes it when others push in”. My comments earned a few nods of agreement from the people around me.

Even so, the newcomers just looked down at their phones and didn’t retreat to the back of our queue. They just stood firmly in place. I mean honestly, how rude!

I don’t know why some people feel like they are more special or entitled than others. Is it just herd mentality, which allows people to think they can get away with behaving badly?

When the theatre doors were eventually opened, needless to say the “extra” group of 12 people rushed forward. They eagerly chose the best seats for themselves, despite everyone else who had been waiting patiently.

I should say that not everyone in that “extra” group of newcomers was young either. There were one or two women aged in their 40s, a man aged in his 50s and an older couple.

Even though Kevin and I did eventually secure a seat in the centre rows, we were disappointed by the rudeness and greediness we’d observed.

Was getting a “top spot” really worth so much, that some people would show total disregard and impoliteness to everyone else?

I wonder what values people believe in today… That it’s okay to step over people in life? That you don’t need to show respect to older people, or even offer common courtesy?

Carol itself was a wonderful film, but this incident reminded me that people truly have no manners today. Grr! Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Tell us about your experiences: What’s the rudest behaviour you’ve ever observed? Have Australians forgotten their manners? Do you enjoy visiting the cinema, or have you seen people behaving poorly too?

  1. The problem, I believe, is a general lack of respect. People behave like that because they can – there are no consequences. People are becoming more and more selfish – it is all about ‘me, me, and me’. Even the tone on social media is proof of this – as soon as somebody disagrees with you, you have the right (some people believe) to name-call and be rude.

    • I fully agree. If someone disagrees on the subject matter all too often he or she will substitute an argument with a personal attack. Welcome to the Age of Entitlement.

    • People use their internet device phone, iPad, Tablet etc to hide behind, they feel it gives them the right to be extremely abusive and use some of the foulest language they can… A lot of them however do troll sites for this very reason, I no longer feed them..

    • In this very group,SAS , i have been called an old prostitute for admitting to wearing red lipstick

    • Judy Cameron Sorry to hear that, but this group is certainly not immune to insults – I have had my share for not being a monarchist.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. Not everyone but a lot of them don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves.

    • Judy Cameron on this site? that is disgusting! Admin should not allow this type of comment. and i also wear red lipstick occasionally when i wear my red dress. so there!

    • I totally agree. The people today believe the world revovles around them.

    • Judy Cameron jealousy makes people very nasty. Perhaps they are too afraid to wear it & therefore name cal anyone who might

  2. The cinema that we usually go to sells numbered tickets. We buy our tickets first then go off for a coffee, coming back just before the movie starts. Great – no queuing to get in and pick a seat.

    • Gary  

      We go to Event Cinemas in QLD and they always ask for seating preference. We like on the end at about row N. We get allocated seats so we go and have coffee and then walk into theatre knowing where we are sitting. I think this is a good idea and should be the norm.

  3. We go to a theatre with allocated seats. Times have changed with social manners. So figure a way around it so you maintain your own equilibrium.

  4. Similar situations happen at supermarkets when a cashier opens up a new register – the “new ones” just move to the new counter rather than offering it to people who have been queueing the longest

  5. I have a choice of cinema complexes I can go to, Event have allocated seating, Reading do not, except in Gold Lounge, which is not in my budget, The thing that annoys me the most, is the people who never shut up during the movie, this started when videos came out, at home you can go back and play the missed bit, in a cinema you can’t, mobile phones on loud rings and updates SMS’s etc that come in, also on high volume, I turn my phone off, I survived quite well without a mobile for 50 years before I got one, now I have it in case I need help, not to be glued to the thing, life is not going to end if one is not connected to technology while viewing a movie…this issue even worse in a play or theatre show…

    • I agree Rob. I to have a mobile l only use in an emergency. It is turned off most of the time. My pet hate is when you sit at a table with others and one person is either texting or playing games. This rudeness is over the top, happens way to often. What ever happened to good old fashioned courtesy.

    • I have a mobile purely for my own convenience not everyone else’s . I only turn it on if i need help while im out . I didnt have one for years either and think if you call my home phone and no one answers im not at home , im busy . Just leave a message and i will get back when i can .

    • I also find now most places are dialling our mobile numbers as first point of contact… I had a service man not cone when booked in, when I rang the company, she said he phoned you were not home, I told her emphatically that I was and had changed plans to be home, he’d dialled my mobile, I got his call when I turned it on 😱😱😱 I had to waste another day 2 weeks later….

    • Rob Bower I give my home phone as a first point of call , and often turn my mobile off and just check it at 7pm each night . i still enjoy my own time to be used as I always have , and not be dictated too by modern techno;ogy 🙂

  6. Self interest and greed are becoming more evident in society these days.
    On one hand we have the capitalist ethos and on the other we have the sense of entitlement. Both, combined with busy lifestyles are the perfect mix for greed and self interest to fester.
    Society needs to slow down and focus on family and others before one’s self.

  7. You should have gotten an employee to take care of this situation, that’s what they are there for,

    • I try to find positive ways to solve things instead of being angry and saying if you can find one, it’s better than sitting through the whole movie being angry and upset that those people got better seats, this is a simple problem to solve,

  8. I prefer not to go to movies any more, sick of rude noisy people.

    • Susan Duckled  

      I agree prefer not to go to movies. Find the rudeness of some make it an unpleasant experience

  9. I have been to cinemas with numbered seats to found others sitting in our seats. Asking them to please move gained us nothing. They just said no, sir somewhere else. We had booked our seats earlier.. management just asked us to sit somewhere else to avoid conflict.. people can be rude everywhere. Not just the cinema.

    • Management would have got conflict from me they shouldn’t take bookings if they are not to uphold them

    • May I suggest you post of your experience on their Facebook ? We had a bad experience at a club restaurant recently. A complaint to duty management did nothing. Two emails to senior management did nothing, but a report on their Facebook had an email and phone call from management within a few hours of posting.

    • Something similar happened in a club’s auditorium…. someone was in one of the seats I had booked. A polite request for them to move was ignored. The ushers would not move the intruder…..but I went to reception and asked for the duty manager, who swiftly removed the person. However, it made for a most uncomfortable evening….as people around us glared at us for most of the time! But…my point is…if I had booked two adjacent, numbered seats…why should my husband and I be separated because some person took a fancy to our seats??

    • this incident was a few years ago now. it has happened a few times but most ppl just move along.. this particular time we too were glared at and words said to us.. ushers and reception did nothing.. if you make a scene somehow it is the ticket holders fault for causing trouble…

    • Just shows weakness, I’ have made such fuss & created a stir Demanded my money back if not served correctly. Tired of those who think they are “entitled” to do as they like

    • Yup and ypu can do that I guess.. do you realise how staff talk about clients wen that sort of thing happens?? I have manners and respect.. would rather take it up with management later on.. different ppl act differently.. but the ppl who refuse to move are really not much cop.. karma will catch them..

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