The Government ‘hates pensioners’ guts’, says Lambie

Senator Jacqui Lambie has unleashed a scathing attack on the Government in response to the Federal Budget released on May

Senator Jacqui Lambie has unleashed a scathing attack on the Government in response to the Federal Budget released on May 3.

“If you’re a pensioner, this budget proves the Liberal Party hates your guts,” the Tasmanian independent says in a video posted to Twitter.

The Government has so far kept quiet on how foreign aid will be distributed, but traditionally funds to foreign nations have been around 1 per cent of the overall budget (or about 0.25 per cent of the national income).

In comparison to nations like Norway, Sweden and Denmark which give three times as much of their national income, and the United Kingdom which gives twice as much to foreign aid could Australia be more generous?

Lambie believes Australia’s foreign aid budget should be slashed by half, with the leftover funds — estimated to be about $25 million — being used to boost aged pension payments.

“This will amount to a modest increase of approximately 5.8 per cent, but it’s a start and $25 billion more than any other political party is advocating for the people who made our nation great,” Lambie says.

With an OECD report highlighting more than one third of Australian pensioners are living below the poverty line, Lambie claims that such changes would provide an aged pensioner an extra $76.41 per fortnight.

How important do you think Australia’s foreign aid budget is? Would the money be better spent on pensioners and an ageing population?

  1. Chris  

    Look after your own – thats what the Government should be thinking. Stuff foreign aid………

    • Viv  

      How about one day they will be pensioners, oh yes i forgot, they wont need the bloody pension, they get sent of with a bang and loads od money to keep them going forever 😡

    • elena  

      Regarding Foreign Aid I believe we have a duty because…one of the many reasons some countries are poor is because the rich countries exploit their natural resources without proper compensation. And one of the others is because rich countries have access to cheap products the poor countries make available. Corruption to the core, exist between the authorities of poor countries and the uncivilized and inhumane capitalists from rich countries. I should state though that many of the rich countries and some people as well, may have material wealth but very poor moral and ethical principles toward the human and animal beings.

  2. I am a pensioner anything that we get is a help. I dont believe the government care about Australian pensioners they are too busy making themselges look better in the eyes of the people oversesas.

      • Lynne  

        I totally agree with your statement we aged pensioners get a very raw deal all round completely

  3. Neil  

    She’s right about pensions but wrong about where the money should come from. We should be drastically increasing Foreign Aid. The money could come from closing Manus Is. Much cheaper having Asylum Seekets in the community or at the very least on Christmad Is.

    • And how long do you think it would be before the word got around and we became flooded like Europe is. Merkel’s policy has elements similar to the idea you outlined.

    • Wayne Grant  

      One day, you will curse yourself for posting stupid comments like that….You know NOTHING about these Refugee cultures, that is obvious. Australians believe that their own should be taken care of first, (rightly so) because they are the ones that paid the TAX in the first place that makes the money available for governments to operate…..and they now give it away to every Tom Dick and Harry from every country overseas, except AUSTRALIA……
      THINK before you post…..

      • Graham Alexander  

        My sentiments entirely. Its bad enough now, how would you feel if the flood gates were open to everyone. It would be like England! You can walk down Oxford Street, nump in the air and be carried 200m by the sheer numbers of people. Its scarey to know thst even today, mote people live in Greater London than the whole of Australia, still!

  4. Val Baker  

    I think pensioners should be given a rise there are so many living from pension to pension
    And are barely able to manage help help them out please

  5. Val Baker  

    I think pensioners should be given a rise there are so many living from pension to pension
    And are barely able to manage help help them out please

  6. Cheryl  

    The only pensions the government cares about are the ones that they give themselves!

    • John Fanning  

      That’s only about 4 to 6 thousand a week for them plus other perks

    • Jen  


      • Kathy  

        You have certainly got that right

  7. Neta Williams  

    She is correct. We give aid to countries I have never heard of. Mr Turnbull does not like old people but he forgets he will be old one day but he will not have to worry about money as his money is stashed of shore. I hope his parents are proud of him and his attitude towards the elderly.

  8. Joy Connor  

    The Australian Aged Pension is very generous and if used carefully enough to live on. Of course it won’t fund world trips, extravagent purchases or gambling, smoking etc. it’s not meant to.
    I can still save for a holiday each year & pay my rent, run an old car etc.

    • good for you, now try to pay for medication for you self that is no longer on the P.B.S.

      • Lynne Highfield  

        You are so right Veronica. How I wish I was able to make my pension go as far as Joy seems to be able to do. Maybe she only has 1 meal a week, is in excellent health and requiring no specialist fees or medications, perhaps she relies on candles for heating and lighting. I wonder if she has trouble with her Halo?

    • Disey  

      Well aren’t you a bloody miracle Joy Connor, maybe you should be advising the treasurer – obviously you have connections and funding from somewhere else !

    • Yes I agree with the others get off your high horse just think we paid taxes and now have to beg to even get a rise go and teach the government how to live on our pension rate and not there’s

    • Pete  

      Joy, I worked most of my life as an Interstate Trucker, for 30+ yrs. Around 104 hrs P/W. I suffered blood sweat and tears to do the job i loved and to do my bit for Australia. Now,, i dont drink, go out clubbing, or spend lavishly, BUT, i do smoke. If i cant have a smoke when i want it at home without worrying if all the bills and keeping food on the table are right, then its a poor poor state we are in. Yes, im doing it hard, but why would this CORRUPT Govn’t want to make it near impossible for , (not only Pensioners), but those doing it hard?. I got forced onto the stinking DSP, because the Dr’s took all my licences. This Govn’t did 1 thing for Pensioners, in this laughable budget, and that was to raise the price of smokes,, my 1 and only vice. You obviously have extra income somewhere, or a lot of money put away and adding your pension to it. This Govn’t looks down on pensioners and those who are not as rich as them who have done their bit for Oz.. When he gets beaten in the next election, do you realise the benifits he will get, on top of being a multi Billionaire??? Tell me thats fair….

    • Scott  

      The last word to be used for the aged pension is generous. A national disgrace is what it is. For you to have the ordacity to call it generous and enough to live off leads me to believe that one ypu aren’t on it and two are delusional.

    • laurie williamson must be getting income from another source..

      • Graham Alexander  

        Thats not living Joy, thats surviving and its a bloody disgrace that that is what pensioners have to do. They are not second class citezens. Criminals in prison get a better deal. After working all your life, getting up at sparrows fart, why shouldn’t you be allowed to live the rest of your days doing the things you couldn’t because you were WORKING! Grow up Joy.

  9. Gail  

    Love Jackie Lambie I agree with all her comments its our money give to the pensioners stop sending too much overseas. Pensioners deserve a break especially ones on disability.

    • I’m a disabled person attending TAFE (studying cause I don’t work) and they cannot even pay me the lousy education supplement or the mobility allowance to travel to and from TAFE and my TAFE work placement. I am on the final module OHS which requires that you are working to put the study into practice.

  10. kay  

    the pensioners are always penalised and they are the ones who have worked hard all their lives, money should be given to them to make their lives more comfortable

  11. Valerie Kirby  

    Politicians and a lot of pensioners are unaware that Menzies and Chifley set up a pension scheme where we paid an extra 7% tax to fund our retirement and it was a right not welfare. This 7% went into a Fund but Malcolm Fraser in 1977 decided that we could use the money better then and took the Fund saying that we will cross the pension bridge when it arrives. Well, it is here and we are now treated like welfare recipients. By the way, the extra 7% was not removed from our taxes and people paid up to 47% tax. We had to pay that while we paid our mortgages, brought up our children and no government assistance. Family benefits were a joke. How where we supposed to save for retirement on top? Of course, politicians try to deny it but only show their ignorance. I was only in my 30s but remember the broadcast on the radio perfectly. Governments can do as they please but give themselves huge pensions when they leave parliament (which is often because they are voted out) and they don’t have to wait until they are old either. Stop all these pensions to ex-politicians. Apparently 16 are retiring at the next election and that means that another 16 people will have over $100 000 a year in pension for life. Just how must does it all add up to per year. This would go a long way to helping the pensioners who are really struggling.

    • Peter  

      Agree with the above comments, but the retured pollies get more than that after they retire,
      1 air fares
      2 cost of stationary
      3 some are allowed secreterial use
      4 some are allowed car hire/limo service
      5 some can claim cost from runnning office work from their home
      These are just some of the ” extras/allowances ” they can get ontop of their super/pension

    • Lynne  

      Totally agree with you. We have paid for our pensions.

    • Mick English  

      Well said Valerie. The time of politicians entitlement to slush funded permanent retirement pensions is at an end. I believe politicicians are “contractors” in every sense of the word and as such are entitled only to what they have contributed to whilst in the job. Once the contract is over, ie; they are voted out, off you go. On you way, no more to pay.

    • Kathy  

      Well said. Government forget all of this when it suits them. They should not be given all the perks that they get when they retire or get voted out
      . How many of us every day workers get perks when we no longer work or get put out of work, it is just not right. I would challenge any one of them to live on my wage for a month and pay all my bills as well and I would gladly live on there wage for the month.

    • Halina  

      Well said- it`s totally true. We have to raise our voices and tell them what we are thinking about this ignorant politician.

    • Leigh Smith  

      This is true and should be publicised. I am fed up with being told how pensioners are a drain on society. We paid huge taxes. At the same time I do not believe the money should come from foreign aid. Most of us have no real idea what poverty is,compared to third world countries

    • Nan Hunter  

      You are spot on , Valerie! I too can remember when Malcolm Fraser decided to rob the Pension Fund and use it elsewhere.
      Enough is enough! High time this fallacy was corrected and the aged pensioners were treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve with a decent pension that does not leave them struggling to make ends meet.
      They earned and payed their taxes into a fund for this purpose, not to be singled out as the “biggest cost to the Wefare Budget”! 😡😡

    • Jacqui  

      I agree wholeheartedly! I am paying off a small mortgage whilst on a pension and finding it very difficult to manage . I did intend working until I was 70 but had to retire earlier this year(at almost 68) due to ill health. They should stop the politicians receiving these huge pensions when they leave office, then maybe the aged pensioners would be able to have an increase!

  12. Kath  

    Charity begins at home . Increase Aged Pensions and 1/2 aid to overseas. Politicians need to get their snots out off the trough and take a wage cut

    • S.C. Lewis  

      I live in a pensioner complex I don’t drink or smoke
      I watch every penny to live. I struggle to keep my car on the road, which I need to drive to school to pick up my Granddons three days a week while my Daughter works. I struggle to pay for petrol, I can’t afford Holidays. I need new clothes and shoes.
      My Neighbours smoke heavily, drink Heavily, live off credit cards Pendion to Pension. I have no debt no credit cards I just make ends meet. My Neighbours complain about cigarettes going up in the budget, one has a serious Lung problem but can’t quit smoking, I’ve seen her struggle to breath and struggle to quit smoking, she is very depressed. After paying out on two credit cards and cigarettes she has little left to buy food. I buy her lunch occasionally and take her out .
      The Pension is challenging to live on. My family can’t help financially they are all working and rely on me to look after my Grandkids. I thought Id sell my car but they were horrified who would pick their kids up from school, I also look after them in school Holidays and when off school sick. I wouldn’t be able to drive them about.
      I am struggling to keep up re licensing and maintanance of my car I have major back problems and have difficulty at times walking.
      It’s not an easy life being on a Pension

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