The government doesn't care about young people, according to the young people

Don’t you find it adorable when pony-tailed teenage poppets whine about how hard-done-by the youth of Australia are? Plump-pored little faces scrunch up like so many used tissues and shiny white eyeballs glisten with emotion as they lament the good old days when youth ruled the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the youth. I used to be one, and in many ways I still am the juvenile delinquent my Granny secretly suspected me to be.

However the teeny-tiny muscles between my eyebrows involuntarily contract laying the seismic foundations for my next forehead wrinkle every time I hear a youth advocate describe their demographic as “forgotten”.

And that’s exactly what happened this morning when I clicked on the News Daily website and discovered that the national director of the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC) thinks the government “doesn’t care about young people”.

Imagine my surprise.

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And picture, if you will, the cavernous depth of my frown.

Here I was thinking that the current generation of young whipper-snappers has it better than any young whipper-snapper generation of yore, but apparently not so. You see they feel unloved.

Unbelievably high standards of living, free health care, high employment and easy access to one of the world’s best education systems simply don’t cut it anymore, the Coalition tells me. What will really make the youth of Australia feel all warm and fuzzy is to be consulted.

You know, the same way the government consulted with over 60s about cuts to the pension for home own…. wait… that didn’t happen.

Well it must be like how the government consulted with over 60s about changes to the PB…. Wait… that didn’t happen either…

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In fact the more I think about it, being consulted never, ever happens. Not to the youth, not to the middle-aged and certainly not to the over 60s.

Now this could be my aforementioned inner juvenile delinquent talking but my advice to the good people at the youth coalition is to suck it up princess. If you think you’re not getting consulted now, then buckle up sunshine – for you the years to come are going to be one bumpy ride!


What do you think? Are the youth of today being ignored? Does it matter?