The funniest things kids have said!

Kids say the cutest, funniest things don’t you think? They are still at that beautifully innocent stage where they have
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Kids say the cutest, funniest things don’t you think? They are still at that beautifully innocent stage where they have no filter and are just totally honest and open… often sharing a little too much information.

After we shared the funny things we tell our grandkids this morning we started thinking about the funny things we hear from our grandkids instead.

Here is a list of our favourite things kids have said:

“My 3 year old grandson told us one afternoon after kindy, Mummy’s got a big big booty while demonstration with his hands out in front going from palms facing each other at about 10cm to as far apart as he could get. He didn’t learn that from his Mummy. I still laugh with his Mum about that today.”

“My two year old said ‘how did the baby get in your tummy. Mummy DID YOU EAT IT?!!'”

“My grandson 7 said about his new bike ‘Grandma I can’t ride that it says it is a Mountain Bike and there are no mountains here.'”

“Hey Grandma, Why don’t you and Grandpa have names like the rest of us?”

“My hubby always calls me darl when we asked 4 year old grandson what my name was her said it was darl.”

My 3-year-old granddaughter once asked me, “Grandma, how old are you?” “How old do you think I am?” I asked. “10. You are 10.” “Nope,” I said. “I’m soon going to be 60 years old.” “60?!” she replied. “I don’t know THAT number!”

“When my granddaughter was little her Dad told her Jesus was there with her in the room. She didn’t understand, so she asked, ‘Daddy, are you Jesus?’ He laughed and said no. Still confused, she then asked, ‘Daddy, am I Jesus?’”

I was looking after my 5 year old grandson when he had his friend come over to play. After he politely invited him in he turned to him and said, “don’t worry if you need to pee or poop we have a toilet here.”

When my granddaughter was 4 we were saving for a holiday. She found some coins in the couch folds and I said “make sure you add it to the kitty” she turned around and said, “Grandma, why do you always give the cat money?”

I was on the phone with my son discussing dinner plans and my 7-year-old granddaughter informed us that “salad is ruining my life”.

I took my 6-year-old grandson to his favourite restaurant. Being very grown up, he ordered everything for himself. When the waiter asked him how he wanted his steak, he replied with a puzzled look, “You know … on a plate!”

When my grandson was 6 we were walking through the grocery store when he picked up a packet of Nice biscuits. He read the packet out loud, “Grandma, what are ar-nott nice biscuits?”

Has your grandkid ever said or done something hilarious?

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