The four bras every over 60 woman must own

Bras are so important in a woman’s life but how often do we really give them some thought? Wearing an

Bras are so important in a woman’s life but how often do we really give them some thought? Wearing an ill-fitted bra can lead to health problems yet it’s estimated 2 in 3 women are wearing the wrong size. That’s a lot of ladies!

By your 60s, your size may have gone up and down several times – according to a study of 500 women, the average woman’s breasts will “change shape, size and distribution at least six times during the course of her life”.

This is why it’s so important to have a properly fitted bra, and different ones for different clothing and day-to-day use. Getting fitted is easy and you can get it done at most department stores and any lingerie or bra shop. You’ll be guaranteed to feel instantly confident and comfortable, not to mention you may have gone up a size!

Here are the four bras all women in their 60s should own:

1. Seamless bras with a little padding

A great seamless bra will not only have a lack of seams, but will be very comfortable and breathable. This type of bra is great for a t-shirt and can smooth out any lumps or bumps.

Things to look for in a seamless bra:

  • Colour – will you wear a lot of white? If so, go for skin colour. If you wear darks, another colour will work!
  • Does it look smooth under your shirt?
  • Is the padding comfortable?
  • Does it give you a natural lift?

2. The push-up

The push-up bra is a go-to if you want padding, underwire support, and a whole lot of lift. There are sexy push up bras, and ones that are just plain so you can get an added lift in sheer fabrics or if you don’t want little diamontes poking everywhere.

Things to look for in a push up bra:

  • Spillage – do your breasts spill out the top? If so, go up a size.
  • Is the push-up too exaggerated or just right?
  • Do you like a gel cup or padding?
  • Does it have convertible straps?

3. The sports bra

These aren’t just great for wearing when you work out – sports bras can have a fashionable use in your life as well. They are usually made from very breathable fabrics and may contain mesh and cute patterns on them.

Things to look for in a sports bra:

  • Comfortability – can you run in this bra without your breasts hurting?
  • The bounce test. Never buy a sports bra without first jumping up and down, and side to side in the changing room with it on. You may get some funny looks when you come out but it’s the most reliable way to check if a sports bra is going to work for you.
  • Try stretching a bit too, this will make sure you have a good range of movement in it.
  • Look for any bits that could cause chafing. There could be a bulky join on the strap that could rub, or if it has an underwire that isn’t fitting you quite right and digging in that could end up quite painful after a workout.
  • How do the straps feel? Are they wide and comfy or digging in?

4. No-underwire, soft cup or bralette

For days when you want a little support but want to take it easy or have a break from a wired bra, a bra without is perfect. Some bras actually can come with removable underwire so you can do it both ways.

Things to look for in a soft cup bra:

  • If you have bigger breasts, this may not be a good option
  • Does the cup sit properly without rolling underneath?
  • Do you have nipple protection?

Tell us, what type of bra do you like to wear?

  1. This is ok and I’d love to be able to just go buy one of these bras however I have large breasts and a small back. So for me its a matter of buying what they have that almost fits me. Most shops may have one or two in stock but many don’t have any.

  2. June Hooper  

    Unless you’re ‘standard’ sizes forget bras………….having small cup size and wide back it’s almost impossible to find a bra at least in the affordable range so have resigned myself to being braless…………keeping the couple I have for special occasions because i’m afraid if they wear out
    i will never b e able to replace them….

    • Bronwyn Lewis  

      I’m with you June and recently found the only ‘wireless’ available were marked Small, Medium and Large. I am size 12 to 14 and the medium were tiny and no large in stock. Who decided we have to push up, wire in and poke out and then pay through the nose for it. I go braless as often as possible.

  3. Kris  

    I was once an F sized woman and finally at the age of 45 I went to get a bra fitted. OMG!! Why didn’t I do it back when I was just 18 I would have saved myself so much agony. You MUST always get a bra fitted. Sure you might have to pay a little extra because you’ve gone to a specialty story but the benefits outweigh the negatives. Trust me! You can buy off the rack after that but you must always get it fitted first. It’s worth every cent. I’ve now had a breast reduction but I’m due to go back and get my fitted bra for my size.

  4. Trish Doherty  

    I don’t wear bras at all. I cannot put them on either back closing or front closing. I cannot use my arms to reach back or up. I am still a b cup same as when I got trainers at 12 years old.

  5. Totally disagree with this article. It’s not necessary to own a bralette or a push-up bra. Older breast tissue is looser and heavier and needs seamed support. Nipple chafing is less of a problem, as well. Most women are a different size, depending on the brand or bra style. It’s more important to focus on a “Bra Zone” of sizes and ignore cup/numbers — in other words, find brands that fit you regardless of whether the size is what you’ve worn over the years. Last, due to mobility issues, many of us prefer front-closure bras and ones with padded straps or smooth backs to reduce the appearance of “back fat.” The good news is that there are many more options for us in our 60s, thanks to on-line services and international retailers.

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