The fake ALDI voucher scam fooling shoppers

ALDI are warning shoppers not to fall for a 40 per cent off coupon that has been doing the rounds

ALDI are warning shoppers not to fall for a 40 per cent off coupon that has been doing the rounds on Facebook.

The deal that promised shoppers 40 per cent off everything in store has been outed as a hoax by the German supermarket chain.

Aldi chiefs have told customers the discount, purporting to be valid during the Christmas period, cannot be redeemed in any of its stores.

They also told shoppers not to give away any personal details that are asked for when trying to access the voucher, or take part in the competition linked to the discount.

Aldi are now investigating the suspicious coupon, reports Sunday Express.

the fake voucher

A post on the supermarket’s Facebook page says: “We have been notified that there is a hoax 40% off Aldi voucher being circulated online.

“Please be aware that this post is fraudulent and cannot be redeemed in our stores.

“We strongly advise that you do not complete any personal details or enter the competition that is running as part of claiming the voucher”.

Tell us, have you ever been the victim of a scam? What happened?

  1. Won’t fool me, I don’t shop there, not enough Aussie products,

    • Doesn’t really matter where you shop when it comes to fresh produce, this from Choice this year. Personally I haven’t shopped at Coles, Woolworths or Aldi for more than a few items over the last two years. In Adelaide I mostly shop at local green-grocers and butchers, and to bulk item Gaganis, Omega, IGA and a few others.

      “Our research looked at the sourcing of packaged food products. Is it any easier to find out where the major supermarkets source their fresh food from?

      Aldi told us 100% of its eggs, bread, fresh meat and fresh poultry products, 93% of its fresh dairy products and 91% of its fresh fruit and vegetables are ‘Australian made’.

      Coles’ 2014 annual report states that 96% of its fresh fruit and veg is Australian grown – along with 100% of meat from its meat department. Woolworths has the same stats, according to its 2014 corporate responsibility report.”

    • Have you actually looked at country of origin in Aldi stores? I find they have just as many if not more Australian products as any other supermarket.

    • agree evelyn.just they aren’t the usual well known brand names.aldi have their own brands .I think people assume it’s from overseas and are too lazy to check country of origin

  2. Can’t be fooled with vouchers. But I love to shop at Aldi. Prices there are affordable that suits my budget!

  3. Wow! These scammers are everywhere! What could they gain for doing this,other than getting a whole lot of disappointed people! It must cost them to print the vouchers?

  4. They’re all scams….. There’s also some from Coles, Woolworths, IGA and Bunnings…… I just delete them all without opening.

  5. A lot of companies are offering these vouchers (Woolworths too) and get you to fill up all your details so you are bombarded with emails advertising stuff. They are paid for the lists. I nearly got caught by Woolworths recently as part of their Rewards programme but just gathering info. Ebay do the same thing.

    • True Owen, but it was Woolworths Rewards who emailed me wanting to do this survey and then in the fine print it was stated the list would be sold on.

  6. As always, if it sounds too good to be true etc. etc. or also “there are no free lunches”!

  7. There are heaps of scammers…….there are also the ones from airlines supposedly giving away free flights…..why don’t people check the FB page first before they share the crap…..Aldi the profits go back to Germany…..and I loathe the stores no room to move especially with wheelchairs and lack of checkouts open…..:(

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